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An Illustrated Recap Of Game Of Thrones' 456 Deaths Leading Up To #GameOfThronesSeason5

A show's history of violence condensed into cute, fuzzy graphics&mdash;the perfect <em>GOT</em> warm-up for anyone who has resisted downloading the leaked episodes!&nbsp;
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 13, 2015
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Game Of Thrones, a show known for its ability to completely and utterly disregard our feelings every time it kills off a beloved character, has made a bloody return on TV.

Season 5 premiered earlier, 9 a.m., on HBO and via HBO's streaming service, HBO Go. We know what you're thinking: Why the hell would they schedule a show at a timeslot when its viewers are most probably in the office? The early morning debut was done in order to show the series simultaneously with the rest of the world.

Fortunately, there will be an encore later tonight at 9 p.m., with subsequent episodes to be shown weekly at those two timeslots. These are exciting Mondays ahead—especially if you had the E.Q. to prevent yourself from pirating the show's first four Season Five episodes, which were leaked yesterday.

On a side note, HBO also invited FHM to watch the first-ever screening in Asia of the latest season, last Wednesday, April 8 at Fully Booked in BGC. For those who haven't seen it yet, here's a preview: Jon Snow is as friggin' cool as ever. They also set up this sweet-looking Iron Throne replica to commemorate the event:

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Other questions we hope the new season will answer: Where will Stannis Baratheon's claim to the throne lead him? How will Cersei keep the power in the aftermath of a rather unfortunate family incident? Will Tyrion drink himself to death? How long will it take for Arya to become a full-fledged Valar Morghulis-powered killing machine?

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Speaking of "Valar Morghulis," the words that Arya used to invoke death upon acquaintances she disfavored, The Washington Post has posted an obsessive infographic of all the on-screen deaths from the series—including the poor soldiers and lowly grunts who happened to have gotten too close to a sword's pointy end. Below is a preview of the site's death recap:

(OBVIOUSLY: THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD. But seriously, if you're here reading about the fifth season of a show whose first season you haven't even watched, you've got some serious click issues, man.)

The first high-profile victims from Season 1:

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Casualties from Season 2's epic Battle of the Blackwater:

Season 3 was especially harsh for pet lovers and people who absolutely love weddings.

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And Season 4, in which we witnessed the show's best death ever. (Yes, we're talking about that asshole kid king.)

All in all, there have been 456 deaths, with 58 in Season 1; 130 in Season 2; 86 in Season 3; and a record-setting 182 in Season 4. How will season 5 top it? All we know is that Season 5 is definitely off to a fiery start. *Wink*.

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