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Generation Kill

<p>Where soldiers gossip like TMZ</p>
| Jun 4, 2009
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Generation Kill, an HBO seven-part mini-series about the invasion of Iraq begins this Sunday on MAX. It’s the kind of excursion on war that guys and their missus would both enjoy together—think Band of Brothers but set in circa-2003 Iraq. Generation Kill is based on the 2004 book of a same name. It is written by Rolling Stone journalist Evan Wright where he shares his experience as an embedded reporter for the 1st Recon Battalion of the US Marine Corps. The first episode opens in Kuwait, where Marines are shown practicing their martial arts, insulting one another with crude and lewd racial slurs, mocking pious letters from schoolchildren, reading smut magazines—basically waiting for the war to start.

It’s good how realistic they painted the war to be; less drama, less over-the-top heroics, more on the wait and locker-room banter. It is this repartee that makes Generation Kill very real. And with easy pop culture references—there was a scene where the soldiers were preoccupied with rumors that J.Lo had been killed—it makes the series very relevant, very now. And very human.

The series airs back-to-back every Sunday of June at 9:00 pm on MAX, leading up to the final episode of the mini-series on June 28.

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