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Today Is The 24th Anniversary Of 'Ghost Fighter'—Here Are 10 Things We Won't Forget About It

Before 'Obosen,' there was 'Tapusin, tapusin'
by Khatrina Bonagua | Oct 10, 2016
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On this fateful day, 24 years ago (October 10, 1992, to be exact), Yu Yu Hakusho, also known as Ghost Fighter, premiered in Japan.

Yusuke Urameshi (colloquially known as Eugene), Kazuma Kuwabara (Alfred), Hiei (Vincent), Kurama (Dennis), and the whole gang invaded Philippine television with a run on IBC-13, before unleashing a slew of reruns on GMA-7. The show made a mark on local pop culture, not just because it was one of the most watched anime series of all time, but also for influencing a whole generation of young TV viewers.

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Remember the time you badly wanted to get home before 5:00 p.m. just to catch the show? Or that moment when you playfully shoved your fingers into your classmate's ass, shouting, "Ray Gun!"? How about those posters and teks you religiously collected? The good old anime-filled elementary days. Seems like it was just yesterday, right?

To celebrate its anniversary, here are 10 Ghost Fighter moments that will surely bring back those childhood memories:

1) 'Mecha mecha!'

Even if you didn't know the exact words to the opening song, you'd still sing it with conviction. You even made this your ring tone for good measure! Everybody, sing: "Machi no hitogomi kata ga butsukatte hitoribocchi..."

2) Dream barkada

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Because you were too young to idolize the dudes on Palibhasa Lalake, Eugene, Alfred, Vincent, and Dennis became your official #squadgoals. Of course, you fought your way to be the group's Eugene. Or Vincent. Or Dennis.

Poor Alfred.

3) The iconic 'Ray Gun' pose

During the Ghost Fighter days, it was acceptable to stick your fingers into somebody else's butt. And so you did it—once, twice, many times even. All you wished before was to become a Spirit Detective, just like your hero, Eugene. Good thing, all it took were two fingers.

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4) This line: 'Tapusin, tapusin!'

You were freaking annoyed and oddly satisfied by those creatures chanting, "Tapusin, tapusin!" whenever anyone from Team Urameshi (Eugene's team) was in a tight spot. Their collective outcry made you want to punch the TV screen. 

5) This, too: 'Sandaang porsyento'

You looked forward to seeing what Toguro's 100% per cent transformation was, and it didn't disappoint. All those muscles with muscles (with muscles) were scary as hell for the 10-year-old you. There was no way Eugene was going to win against this abomination—or so you thought. The sandaang porsyento line became a classic, so much so that you used to scare your younger siblings with it.


6) Afternoons were sacred

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You excitedly rushed home after school because your day wouldn't be complete without seeing the latest episode. 3 to 7 p.m. were sacred anime hours for you, no questions asked.

7) You didn't care if the character was a he or a she

So is Dennis a boy or a girl? How about Master Jeremiah (Genkai)? Heck, who cares. Gender was no issue for your young, innocent mind. 

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8) You had a crush on Jenny, Suzie, and Mikaela

These women were your first loves before meeting your real-life honey. Eugene and the boys even taught you how treat women—fighting even the baddest monsters just to protect the one you love.

9) You believed that there were actually three worlds

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The Spirit World, Demon World, and Human World? Admit it, there was a time in your life when you believed these three dimensions actually existed. Just the image of that barrier filled with escaping demons scared the macho man out of you.

10) The closing song

...which you actually hated because it meant having to wait another day for the next episode. Or worse, a weekend of waiting if it was a Friday. Still, you looked forward to it even as it changed from time to time. And the one above is probably everyone's favorite. Go ahead, sing!

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