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<p><em>High School Musical</em>, it is not!</p>
| Sep 17, 2009
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A short synopsis of Glee might make you turn away, and shrug it off in a condescending manner: It’s a musical-comedy about a bunch of stereotypical high school losers given the chance to change the course of their high school lives by joining the school’s glee club headed by their Spanish-language teacher. We hope we didn’t lose you at “musical-comedy.”

Don’t be worried that it’s just some cringe-inducing ala High School Musical affair. The similarities between the two shows start and end in musical numbers. Despite its name, Glee has a relatively deeper, darker and more mature themes than the current tween craze. In one episode for instance, one of the main characters speak her mind in front of a cheerleader-led chastity club, stating how hypocritical it is to deny that women don’t like sex as much as the guys. Glee has very liberal motifs, and tackles themes that High School Musical probably doesn’t have the balls for.

Glee hits the perfect notes when it comes to the characters, many of whom carry a very fresh vibe. This is the only TV show where a nerd in a wheelchair can apparently become a high school guitar prodigy, and a buff quarterback can apparently love singing as much as, or maybe even more than football or bullying the lesser kin. Archetypal characters on the other hand are utilized proficiently to keep the conflicts dynamic and interesting. It’s hilarious to see the tomboyish gym teacher overpower and threaten those who dare oppose her. And that bacteria-phobe of a guidance counselor is such a cutie too.

In terms of pacing, Glee is as brisk and hyperactive as any comedy show today; ADHD-sufferers will find it hard to get bored. The dialogue is very snappy and modern, and the action doesn’t beat around the bush. Its humor is very accessible yet very smart, and is something that anyone who has ever stepped into the world of high school cliques and politics will be able to relate to.

Forgive the lack of irony. Glee, the TV show, is absurdly a lot of fun.—Gelo Gonzales

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