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'GoT' Season 7's Trailer Shows Brewing Battle Of Four Armies

Winter has come—and it'll be bloody
by Andrei Medina | Mar 31, 2017
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HBO just dropped the official trailer for the upcoming seventh season of medieval fantasy TV series Game of Thrones and it leaves a lot of clues on what’s about to go down this season.

The one-minute trailer titled "Long Walk" features the four main players in Westeros in what seems to be a setup for an epic all-out power struggle involving each faction.

Jon Snow who represents the north is initially shown walking along a dark passage in Winterfell.

Meanwhile, the queens of the south, Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei Lannister are shown next doing the same in the hallways of what appears to be Dragonstone and the Red Keep.


All proceed to sit on their respective thrones with Cersei being shown last as she exhales cold breath that makes good on the promise that winter will come all the way down to the sunny south.

The camera then pans out from the eye of the Night King who threatens to conquer all of Westeros with his legion of undead armies unless the seven kingdoms unite.

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The seventh season of Game of Thrones will start airing on July 16.

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