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5 Harem Anime Shows That Cured Our Pre-Adolescent Loneliness

These shows are pure fan-service
by John Paulo Aguilera | Apr 21, 2017
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Anime isn't all about aliens destroying fictional planets and five episodes worth of a three-point shot. Somewhere within the boundaries of Japanese animation, mangakas—particularly the male ones—are living out their testosterone-charged fantasies using pen and paper.

No, we're not talking about hentai, but rather female harem, a genre of anime with themes and storylines that focus on a male protagonist who is surrounded or has numerous women vying for his attention. Often seen as fan-service, harem animes have the potential to be great depending on the storyline and character progression.

The Philippines has seen its fair share of Tagalized animes, with a few of this specific genre being released on local TV channels. That said, FHM lists 5 harem anime shows that defined our pubescent years.

5) Hayate the Combat Butler

Who would've thought that being a man-servant could get you all the ladies? The titulart teenage character ends up working as a steward for a young heiress who has developed feelings for him. Save for the risks that come with serving as Nagi's bodyguard, Hayate may just be the luckiest butler for working in such a female-dominated environment.

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4) Highschool of the Dead

While it didn't have a Philippine release like the rest of the entries, most anime lovers were able to get hold of the lone season. This isn't your typical zombie apocalypse—imagine The Walking Dead, only with Maggie and Rosita in the skimpiest of outfits. Due to its explicit and absurd nature, Highschool of the Dead has become a cult favorite around these parts.


3) Saber Marionette J (1998)

In a futuristic Japan, where androids are a part of society, lead character Otaru discovers a trio of female marionettes named Lime, Cherry, and Bloodberry. As the story progresses, he becomes embroiled in a struggle between city-states, where he learns that the only way to address this is with, well, more lady cyborgs.

2) Oh My Goddess! (2003)

What would you do if an actual goddess was bound to you as your companion for the rest of your natural existence? Such is the case for Keiichi, who suddenly finds himself attached to the charming Belldandy, and eventually her equally beautiful sisters, Urd and Skuld. Never mind the regular visits from strange beings, if it means spending time with a group of divine women.

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1) Love Hina (2004)

Arguably the best of its kind to hit the country, the story of Keitaro and an all-female household is considered by many as the quintessential harem. Who wouldn't envy a young adult whose sole mission in life—aside from getting into Tokyo University—is to pursue his childhood sweetheart?Mushy, funny, and borderline ecchi, Love Hina had us waiting eagerly for the next episode.


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