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HBO's Eastbound & Down Back for Season 2

<p>Another homerun in the making?</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 31, 2011
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Tales of movie stars, and superstar athletes whose lives spiral down the drains after they’ve lost their luste, and their time in the spotlight are tales that are really all-too-familiar for the majority of us. [firstpara]

And of course, our initial reaction has always been pity.

But if there’s anything we’ve learned from HBO’s comedy series, Eastbound & Down, it’s that we can both take pity, AND laugh at their failures at the same time.

Hailed by The Hollywood Reporter as “sublimely hilarious” and dubbed as “the most recklessly funny comedy of the year,” by the Washington Post, Eastbound & Down is back on the field for its second season, ready to pitch fastballs of pure laughter once again.

For the uninitiated, the show centers on Kenny Powers (Danny Mcbride), a former professional baseball star who is thrown back to reality, and returns to his old life without anything to show for it.

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As far as star athletes go, Kenny was a powerhouse. But his ego, his rockstar attitude, and overall, destructive behavior inevitably got him thrown out of Major League Baseball and into teaching Phsyical Ed at a local school.

Though washed-up (and a bit overweight), he still carries with him that same kind of attitude, and still harbors the delusion that one day he’ll still return to the league where he was once treated like a king. Where his delusions and real life meet, that’s where the hilarity ensues.

In Eastbound & Down’s second season, Kenny has left town (we won’t spoil why, just watch the first season) and tries to start anew in Mexico, of all places. He takes on the identity of Stevie Janowski. Still intact though are his arrogance and overwhelming ego, so it will be hilarious and quite interesting to see just what starting “anew” will really mean for the stubborn, former star athlete.

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We could only hope for the best for Mr. Powers, or the worst, whichever makes us laugh harder. Whatever the case may be, the show is more than likely to amuse again this season, as we all collectively point our fingers at Mr. Powers and mock him with these scathing words: “Ikaw kasi eh! Napala mo!”


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