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HBO Babe Pamelyn Chee Teaches Us How To Be An Action Star

Learn about the Singapore version of EDSA in this seminal HBO Asia series
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 19, 2013
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Naturally, your first question would be, “Pamelyn, who?”

Pamelyn Chee is an award-winning Singaporean actress who has appeared in Singaporean dramas such as The Little Nyonya, and films like Shanghai Hotel. She is the girl in the picture above, looking worried. Soon, we will get to see more of the beautiful Ms. Chee as she will be appearing in HBO Asia’s first original series, Serangoon Road—a ten-episode, hour-long each detective noir story set against the tumultuous backdrop of 1960s Singapore.

                                                                        Tumultous BUT filled with romance

Named after a historic thoroughfare in the country (sort of like the Singaporean EDSA), Serangoon Road is a period piece that highlights what Singapore was like when British colonial rule was coming to an end, independence was on the horizon, and the island state was beginning to forge its identity.

At the center of all this is the Cheng Detective Agency headed by one Patricia Cheng (international Hollywood movie star, Joan Chen). Cheng’s husband is murdered while working on a case, so Patricia takes over. Needing the help of a good investigator, she hires Sam Callaghan (Australia’s Don Hany), a former soldier with the right contacts, a sharp mind, and a dark past. While the detective agency will be taking on an entire gamut of cases from petty fraudsters to conspiracies with international implications, Sam’s shady past proves to be a vital ingredient to keeping us hooked.

                                                       Also keeping us hooked: Sam's serious-looking pedicab skills

Be it culture or crime, politics or patriotism, espionage or enterprise, all paths lead to Serangoon Road—and the Cheng Detective Agency just happens to find itself in the middle of it.

                            Patricia Cheng figures to be one of the more powerful figures in the series

Getting an up-close view of what will transpire in this show that was filmed in Singapore and Batam, Indonesia is Pamelyn Chee, who plays the role of Su Ling, an employee at the Cheng Detective Agency. A forward thinking young woman, Su Ling—like Singapore herself at that time—is also trying to define who she is, is actively pursuing her independence, and ambitious in that she wants to be a detective, too.

                                                                            A really pretty detective at that!

Luckily, we got to chat with her thru a phone interview so she could elucidate some more. And given that her past roles included action roles, we couldn’t help but ask her Kunwari po, gusto naming maging female action hero, paano po ba?"

Get to know more about her on the next page, fellas, and discover what makes her character especially relatable—given that our country is also currently experiencing some growing up in light of a few political issues today.

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