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House, M.D. (Season 4)

<p>The Vicodin-crunching, vitriol-spewing, (maniacal) medical genius is back</p>
| Jun 10, 2008
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Premiers June 2,
Monday 10 p.m.
Who? Hugh Laurie (reel-life genius), Lisa Edelstein (dominatrix), Robert Sean Leonard (enabler), Omar Epps (pissed), Jennifer Morrison (hottie), Jesse Spencer (bratty)

What’s it about? No thanks to Gregory House’s (Laurie) less-than-loveable personality, not to mention the irony that he’s a misanthrope trying to save human lives, his team of young and talented diagnosticians finally left him. Pressured by the hospital to hire a new team, he took all 40 applicants in. Yes, he plans to keep only a few on his team, but he does so in true Donald Trump fashion, firing the weakest one (sometimes the least attractive one) every day.
What’s good about it? With House’s cynicism and usual insufferable character, mixed with 40 completely different (and desperate) personalities, what’s not to love?
What’s bad about it?
You’d probably miss Laurie’s old team, at first. But…
The verdict:
If this guy doesn’t strike you as abrasive, maybe it’s time to reassess your priorities. - Rhea Catada

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