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How Strong Has Naruto Become?

Our favorite ninja's evolution is one that's filled with dynamic jutsus and power-ups
by Chise Alcantara | Nov 28, 2017
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We can all agree that one of the best aspects of the Naruto series were the diverse number of jutsu’s (ninja techniques) used by the main characters. By the end of the series, the main character, Uzumaki Naruto, went from not being able to use a basic jutsu to literally making mountain-sized monster fox avatars made of pure chakra (life force/energy in the Naruto verse). While others might dislike the series’ decision to make the characters super overpowered by the end of the show, you can’t deny that the journey getting to that level was hella hype and super interesting to go back to again and again. That’s why we’re looking back at all the jutsu’s, power-ups, and evolutions our favorite blonde, spastic, underdog ninja learned and made iconic throughout the series.

Prologue – Sexy Jutsu

At the start of the series, Naruto was 12 years old and attending his final days in the ninja academy. He had a lot of trouble with his chakra control at first, but that was because of the tailed beast inside of him (tailed beasts or Bijuu are beings of pure chakra). He couldn’t even successfully perform a very basic ninjutsu (ninja techniques) like the clone technique, an E rank jutsu, which as the name suggests, produces intangible clones of yourself to confuse and enemy.

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Naruto can also make use of a personalized transformation technique to stun his opponents called the sexy jutsu, which transforms him into a hot girl version of himself. This technique is so potent and overpowered that it single-handedly destroyed two chunin rank teachers in the academy.

Kage bunshin no Jutsu

By the end of the episode, however, we see Naruto using a B rank forbidden jutsu, called Shadow Clone jutsu, or as real weaboos like to call it, KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU, that makes corporeal clones that seemingly have their own free will but are still interconnected with the user through a hive consciousness.

If you can’t tell, this jutsu is pretty overpowered, and the fact that Naruto, at the age of 12, with no real combat training could make literally hundreds of these clones to overwhelm his opponents isn’t exactly fair. Even Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of the series, admits that he drew too many clones and had to tone down the ability as the series progressed.

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Land of Waves – Transformation Jutsu, Kage bunshin no Jutsu evolved

Shortly after the formation of team 7, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi were finally assigned a higher level mission, which was to escort a bridge building and protect him while he was completing a bridge that would make relationships with other ninja villages easier and more friendly. During the mission, however, Team 7 were confronted by two batches of mercenaries.

The first batch was easily defeated by Kakashi so let’s skip them and head to the second batch of assassins that were by far stronger and much more interesting. Zabusa and Haku were the first life-threatening antagonists in the series. In their fight, Sasuke and Naruto displayed a level of teamwork that surprised even Kakashi.

Using his clones, Naruto transformed into a giant kunai thrown by Sasuke to confuse Zabusa. In his fight with Haku, we also saw the first manifestation of the red demon fox cloak that amplifies Naruto’s chakra levels and raw destructive power. Note: This cloak still has no tails, which will get into later.

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Chunin Exams - Uzumaki Naruto Combo/Naruto Rendan

Naruto shows us that he is slowly mastering the use of his Kage bunshin no jutsu by applying it to other techniques such as the creatively named Naruto Uzumaki combo that essentially makes use of Sasuke’s Lion combo (Shishi Rendan) only with shadow clones, which involves launching his opponent with shadow clones only to slam them down with a downward rotating leg drop kick thing. It looks much cooler than it sounds.


Training with the pervy sage, Jiraiya – Toad summoning Jutsu and Rasengan

By training with the Jiraiya, a sanin (legendary war hero), Naruto gained access to Toad summoning jutsu. At first he could only summon tadpoles but by borrowing some of the power of the Nine Tailed Fox, he could summon gigantic weapon wielding like Gamabunta in dire situations.

Next to the Kage bunshin technique, the Rasengan would probably be considered one of Naruto’s most iconic moves. This jutsu involves gathering large amounts of chakra and making it rotate at incredible speeds. The damage potency of this technique depends on the amount of controllable chakra used, which could range from wall-level destruction to large mountains/cities to possibly even planets. 

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Final Valley – One tailed fox cloak

If we could say anything about Naruto and Sasuke in this fight, it would be that they have pretty sturdy bodies for young teenagers. Even after being stabbed in the chest by lightning and piledriven headfirst into the ground from several hundred feet, Naruto barely had a scratch on him thanks to the regenerative capabilities of the one tailed fox cloak. It’s worth nothing that this was the first instance where we actually see a chakra tail from Naruto. The easy way to explain this would be, more tails equals more power.

Naruto Shippuden, early episodes – Oodama Rasengan

After the time-skip and training with Jiraiya off-screen, it was actually surprising that Naruto wasn’t that much more powerful than before. He developed a new version of the Rasengan, which is literally just a bigger Rasengan, again creatively called, Big Ball Rasengan, but that’s about it.

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Against Akatsuki – Rasenshuriken

Now, this is where things start to get spicy. Elemental jutsu’s became a thing when Kakashi revealed his Chidori (a Rasengan infused with lightning chakra, which added speed and destructive power to the attack). Infusing elemental chakra to attacks requires a whole lot of training and time to perfect, which Naruto didn’t have at that time. Too circumvent this, Naruto trained by using multiple shadow clones that all gained experience and knowledge, minimizing the time required to master a complicated jutsu. It’s like having clones of yourself read a book, if you have two clones then after both of you have read the book, you would have had the experience of reading the book twice.

Infusing the Rasengan with wind chakra elevated it to a forbidden S-rank Jutsu, that cuts its target at a molecular level and can easily destroy small mountains. It also has the benefit of being thrown at a range like a shuriken creating a vortex of painful wind-cutting action for anyone caught inside it.

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Pain’s Assault – Senjutsu/Sage mode

After training with a bunch of elderly kung-fu master toads, Naruto was finally able to unlock sage mode. In sage mode, the user enhances every aspect of the user’s combat ability, including taijutsu (physical body techniques), ninjutsu (chakra-based techniques), genjutsu (illusionary techniques), as well as being able to sense chakra natures and gain access to certain senjutsu techniques. Draining a person using senjutsu will also cause the senjutsu user’s opponent to eventually turn into a stone since handling nature chakra is really difficult.

Naruto vs Pain - Six-tailed Cloak Fox berserk Mode

Probably the most meme-able fights in the series because of the weird distorted animation used in the fight. The uncontrolled destructive powers of the tailed beast overwhelmed Pain as well as Naruto, resulting in the latter’s skin and muscles to be burned off and regenerated by the immense amount of violent chakra around him. In this state, Naruto could overpower Pain’s Shinra Tensei (Almighty Push), which easily leveled the entire village of Konoha in one attack.

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Fourth Shinobi World War

Kyuubi (Tailed beast) Chakra Mode 1

By borrowing the Nine Tailed Fox’s chakra, Naruto is able to access the incomplete Kyuubi Chakra Mode, or more commonly known as KCM 1. This mode allows Naruto to be on beat with several Kage level opponents (Ninjas considered to be the most powerful in their respective villages). More notably, to outspeed the Raikage, said to be the fastest ninja alive during Naruto’s era by traveling several times faster than the speed of light. He also was able to face multiple Kyuubi’s at once. One downside to this mode is causeed by the Nine Tailed Fox’s unwillingness to cooperate with Naruto. Naruto is limited to using the NTF’s chakra exclusively and is unable to tap into his own chakra reserves.

Kyuubi Chakra Mode 2

By earning the trust of the NTF and learning that its name is Kurama, Naruto has evolved the KCM form. Now, he has access to both his chakra and Kurama’s which increased his power tremendously. He can now create Bijuu dama’s (Tailed beast bombs) like normal jinchuuriki (Tailed beast hosts), an attack that mixes Yin and Yang chakra to create a very potent energy blast able to wipe out entire villages. Kurama’s Bijuu dama is also a lot more powerful than a normal tailed beast, and is able to overpower five other Bijuu dama of other tailed beasts.

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In this form, Naruto also powered up 1000 other ninjas to triple their normal chakra levels (as noted by Kakashi) in order to fight their enemy, Obito and the Ten Tails.

Naruto can also conjure up and manipulate seemingly limitless charka limbs that can be used in various ways including making several Rasenshurikens imbued with different chakra natures and Senjutsu. He can also manifest various parts of Kurama like his head to bite bitches.

Kurama Avatar mode

Naruto can also make an actual giant fox made out of chakra to battle bigger opponents like the Ten Tails and the God Tree. He can also make more than one by using kage bunshin no jutsu in this form, which he did to battle Sasuke in their last fight.

Kaguya - Six Paths Sage Mode

Six Paths Sage Mode is probably the most broken ability in the Narutoverse, which is apt seeing that the only way to unlock this ability is for it to be given directly by Hagoromo, who is essentially the god of the Narutoverse or become the jinchuuriki of the ten tails.

This form allows the user all the positives of normal Sage except on steroids. You can also fly for some reason. It also increases your healing factor to the point of being able to regenerate limbs, replace eyes, and even revitalize people who are near death.

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Did we also mention that users also gain complete immunity to ninjutsu and genjutsu that aren’t powered up by senjutsu or natural energy with the use of truth seeking orbs that are considered to be the “pinnacle of ninjutsu.” These orbs act like quick-shaping claydo that can reshape itself to anything the user desires. They also help you become completely aware of your surroundings making people who can use the Six Path Sage Mode impervious to surprise attacks.

Reverse Harem Sexy Jutsu

You all knew from the start that this was the most overpowered jutsu to ever be devised. This was the only jutsu that could surprise Kaguya, the first being to ever receive chakra and the final boss of the series.

By turning into several hot naked men, Naruto distracted Kaguya enough to get a clean hit on that reality-warping, overpowered, shoehorned final villain in the series. Good job, Naruto.

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