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The Hydraulic Press Channel Is All Set To Crush Everything

YouTube's newest sensation wants to see the world get flattened like a pancake
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 11, 2016
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On YouTube, you can sing, dance, or lip-sync your way to fame. Or you can crush objects with your hydraulic press.

Wait, what?

Yup, that's exactly what Lauri Vuohensilta, a factory owner from Finland has done on his way to becoming the eighth largest YouTube channel in his country. His channel, the no-frills "Hydraulic Press Channel" now has 500,000 subscribers since uploading its first video, "Crushing golf ball with hydraulic press," six months ago.

Now, his video tally is at 18, with only two of them failing to break the one-million mark. On the other hand, his top video, "Can you fold paper more than 7 times with hydraulic press" has earned 9.3 million views.


The said video was the channel's first big viral hit. It was uploaded on October 31, 2015, but it wasn't until March 2016 that word got around about it in sites such as Popular Science, IFLScience, MSN, Yahoo!, Mic.com, and Science Alert, which gave its numbers a huge, huge boost. Prior to that, the channel seemed to have stopped making videos after having made six—the last one being the paper-crushing video.

It was only when that clip went viral that the channel resumed its quest of putting 100 tons of pressure onto objects. It's been a productive run so far with guest stars including the rumored-to-be-immortal Nokia 3310, hockey pucks, bowling balls, and coins.

Can't stop watching, right? That's because somewhere deep inside every one of us is a foul-hearted beast that just wants to see the world burn—or in this case, flattened like a pancake.

Head to the Hydraulic Press Channel to see more of these sinister experiments.


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