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'Ride N' Seek' Host Jaime Dempsey Finds Our 'Riding In Tandem' Law Strange

It was the History con 2018 special guest's first time to hear about the 'weird' motorcycle ordinance
by John Paulo Aguilera | Aug 15, 2018
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It's been a few days since the third mounting of HISTORY Con in the Philippines, and attendees have yet to get over the pop culture and entertainment convention.

The three-day event played host to History Channel celebrities such as Giorgio Tsoukalous of Ancient AliensKatheryn Winnick of Vikings, and Jaime Dempsey of Ride N' Seek. Dempsey, in particular, has visited the country more than a couple of times for her motorcycle travel documentary, getting down and dirty with carabaos and getting inked by the one and only Whang-od.

FHM caught up with the American biker chick at HISTORY Con and talked to her about weird bike laws and responsible motorcycle-riding.

Photo by Mark Jesalva
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In one city here called Mandaluyong, men who have no relation to each other are prohibited from riding together. Have you come across strange motorcycle laws in other countries?

Gosh, no, that's weird. I've never heard of that, ha ha! Well in America, in California where I live, it's the only place where you're allowed to split lanes or go in between cars. I think it's ridiculous that you can't do that in other states. I think it's strange that if you're sitting in a traffic jam, you have to sit on your motorcycle behind the car, but everywhere else in the world, you're allowed to kind of move through traffic. What's the point of riding a motorcycle?

Photo by Mark Jesalva
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In the Philippines, motorcycle-riding has a negative connotation due to the number of bike-related crimes and accidents. How would you champion this form of commuting as a solution to traffic congestion?

We should help people that drive cars understand that if more people are riding motorcycles, even if the former aren't opting for bikes, they're helping their own traffic time. They won't be sitting in the car as long if there are more motorcyclists. I would also advocate for riding safely and politely, not to mention paying attention to the rules of the road. Hopefully, we set a good example.


You're back in the Philippines! What activities do you have in mind this year?

I booked an extra day cause I've been trying to do more off-roading and trail-riding. That's the only thing that I have planned after History Con. I don't even know the places here where you can do those, so I'm reaching out to the public and asking people for advice. There's also my friend Mel Aquino, who has helped in the past and offered a training camp. I usually hook up with him every time I'm in the Philippines. Last time I was here, he took me to Mt. Maarat, so I'm hoping to do something like that again. If anything, I just want some outdoor biking.

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Can you describe the sense of fulfillment that you get from off-road riding?

You can go places where no one else can go if they don't have a dirt bike. When you're off-road, you can see scenery and get completely lost, so to speak. You don't see buildings and cars—you're really out there with nature. So that's what makes it really special to me. And the other thing is, it's one of the most challenging things I've ever done in my entire life. It really takes a lot of physical energy to do it, and when you get that rush of adrenaline, it feels amazing.


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