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17 Times Jason Momoa Was The Ultimate Fanboy

Khal Drogo approves
by Andrei Medina | Aug 11, 2017
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Actor Jason Momoa aka Game of Thrones’ (GoT) Khal Drogo may have bagged major leading roles like Justice League’s Aquaman and Frontiers’ Declan Harp since his departure from Westeros, but he remains to be one of the biggest fans of the widely popular series.

As shown in his Instagram account, Momoa is still highly supportive of GoT and his former co-stars. Just recently, he expressed his excitement over the latest episode from Season 7 of the show.

But it’s no secret that Momoa is a genuine fanboy when it comes to shows he’s appeared in. He’s also a sucker for taking selfies with his co-stars, which makes him all the more endearing and relatable for fans.

Check out these other times when the great Khal Drogo dropped his tough guy Dothraki act and went full-on fanboy mode:


Rooting for Daenerys

You know nothing, Jon Snow

Khal Drogo White Walker version via fan art

Conspiring with the High Sparrow

Just chillin' with the man, Dan Weiss

Watching an episode with Justice League's Cyborg!

Doesn't look exactly like him, does it?

And of course, the ultimate reunion with the Moon of his life



The new Dynamic duo

Some bromance between Supes and Aquaman

With the crew, minus Wonder Woman

Now here's the squad, without Supes

Nice tee!


Declan Harp looking sharp

Channeling some Dothraki spirit



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