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Jody Kelly and Shannon Foster of Amazing Race 16

The Amazing Race season 16 front runners on globetrotting —and getting kicked in the head by a cow to nab it

by Ronjay Eduvas | Jul 29, 2010
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You literally ran across the globe. How was it?
Shannon:I love Chile and I had a very good time while we’re there. We actually want to stay there longer but we were the second group eliminated (laughs).

Are contestants really as competitive off-cam?
Shannon: They don’t really want us to talk with each other unless we’re on camera so they can observe the interaction among all the contestants.

Are there moments where you felt like giving up?
Jody: No! I don’t think so. We’re very optimistic, but of course we wanted to stay longer.

How about the episode where a cow kicked you in the head, how exactly did it feel?
Jody:  Well, I just went straight back to milking it. Ha ha!

Maybe you were milking it the wrong way?
Jody:  No, my parents had a farm so I knew that cows kick a lot. I was trying to be careful and talking to the cow the way I had as a kid but they were peeing and pooping all over, and apparently cows don’t like to smell their own poop any more than humans do, so the cows started getting restless. That was just a bad turn of luck

Words: Bong Godinez, Anton Umali
Special thanks to Kane Choa of ABS-CBN Corporate Communications

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