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Mai Shiranui From 'King Of Fighters' Set To Join 'Dead Or Alive'

The original sexy fighting ninja joins the cast of a game known for fighting ninjas
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 11, 2016
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The world of sexy fighting ninjas comes full circle today as Mai Shiranui from the SNK series King Of Fighters jumps into Tecmo's current-gen console fighter Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round.

Fighting game historians should know why this matters. In the early '90s, Mai Shiranui lit up the arcade scene not just with her fiery moves but with her, erm, bounciness in the ring. The original sprite for the scantily clad ninja basically inspired "boob physics" technology in videogames.

Later on, Mai's bouncy animation was taken to the next level with Tecmo's Dead Or Alive, a 3D fighter that would be known infamously for its, you guessed it, breast physics.

Now, the original bouncy ninja will be joining the game known for its bounciness. The announcement was made at an event in Japan called "Dead Or Alive Festival," which was streamed on YouTube last Saturday. Mai will be available as a downloadable character in September for Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round. A set of costumes inspired by The King Of Fighters will also be available in the same month. On a related note, Mai will also be included in an upcoming King Of Fighters game, King Of Fighters XIV, a PlayStation 4 exclusive coming on August 23, 2016.


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Here's the character reveal trailer unveiled in the event:

Along with the character addition, gaming site also reported that the festival hosted the announcement of the availability of destructible costumes and a whole stage from Attack On Titan later this month; a floral costume set in August; a Halloween set in October; and a crossover with Japanese visual novel Utawarerumono in December.

Below is the trailer for the Dead Or Alive and Attack On Titan crossover.


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