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<p>Now even prisoners can be recycled, we wonder what's next?</p>
| Mar 2, 2009
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Part 1 March 24, 8PM;
Part 2 Mar 31, 8PM

Who? Josie Ho (laminated), Vaness Wu (meteor-manic)

What’s it about? In the desert planet called Cerra, convicts of serious crimes get a strange, yet seemingly effective way to be punished. Instead of rotting away in a jail cell, they are imprisoned in a laminated suit so that they can still join the society and remain productive. These virtual slaves are called LaMBs. Things get interesting when a LaMB called Eve (Ho) tried to struggle against the ‘Lamination’ imprisonment system, while a scientist called Jack (Wu) gets pulled into the politics behind the system.

What’s good about it?
It’s Animax Asia’s first original animation production in HD for online, mobile, and TV.

What’s bad about it?
Your younger sister’s giddiness every time she hears Vaness trying to sound like a scientist.

The verdict:
A nifty reason for non-anime fans to start getting addicted to this kind of animation genre. -Rhea M. Catada

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