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Naruto Is Getting The Live-Action Treatment And Is Coming To An Asian Country Near You!
Naruto casts live-action-no-jutsu to bring new life to the series!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 23, 2015
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Everyone's favorite ninja, Naruto, said goodbye to us in November as his manga series came to an end.

Naruto fans wept. (Not super hard though, because the anime was still around anyway.)

Now, there's more reason to smile if you're a Naruto fan as the series is getting a new lease on life with a live-action version coming up. But here's the fun part: It's not a live-action movie a la Samurai X. Instead, Naruto will be turned into a musical.

Wait, what? Yes, these shinobi will be channeling their vocal-chord-no-jutsu and stage-acting-no-jutsu to bring the beloved anime series to the theater stage. 

We first heard the news from Kotaku, who reported that the musical will be called Live Spectacle, Naruto back in December 2014. They added that the show was going to start its run in Japan on March, and will star actors Kodai Matsuoka as Naruto, Ryuji Sato as Sasuke, and Yui Ito as Sakura in the lead roles.

This was the first photo we saw of it:

Our first thought: Naruto in theater form seemed like a strange idea.

But then we saw the other cast photos:

Images via Kotaku

And the trailer:

Video via Konoha academy

Which was when we thought, "Hey, this just might be the musical that will get us into musicals!" and "Hey, this musical might not be all that bad!"

Luckily there might be a chance for us to actually catch the play as it's been announced that it's also set for performances in Macau, Malaysia and Singapore—countries which are less expensive to visit than Japan.

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