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<p>Guaranteed rabies-free</p>
| Apr 8, 2008
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ABS-CBN 2, Primetime Bida
Who? Angel Locsin (lovely), Piolo Pascual (lured)
What’s it about? If, like Lyka (Locsin), all werewolves had killer curves, sensual charm, and a superwoman air, then men would gladly bite the silver bullet, risk getting bitten, and possibly even contract rabies in the process. Lyka’s main squeeze Noah (Pascual) is caught between exacting vengeance among the lobo species and ogling a vixen who may still haven’t had her yearly vet shots.

Fast facts: Lyka’s name is based on the word “lycanthrope,” meaning a human being with the power to transform into a wolf. - Rhea Catada

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