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Lobstermen's Capt. Norbert Stamps

<p>One of Lobstermen's sea captains on catching lobsters, fighting loneliness, and global warming</p>
| Mar 18, 2010
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Looks like Discovery Channel has scored another primetime touchdown in Lobstermen, a new documentary show depicting the lives of several sea men seeking the best batch of lobsters in the worst of the high seas. [firstpara] Lobstermen starts airing this coming Monday, March 22, 11 pm, with repeats on Tuesdays at 9am and 3pm, Wednesdays at 5 am and Saturdays at 9pm.

The series will take us to the edge of the Continental Shelf, as five illustrious captains, along with their corresponding crew, endeavor what is seen as one of the most treacherous yet worthy task one could ever imagine: catch the prized Maine lobster.

But as Mother Nature has taught us many times before, some lengths are not meant to be crossed, even in times of despair. With a rough season ahead of them, these men had to go through life and limb just to grab hold of New England’s great clawed beast. How and why they went through this amazing escapade, is about to be told.

FHM snagged an interview with Captain Norbert Stamps, a legendary sea man that truly lived up to his “Lobsterman” moniker.

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Lobstermen sure reminds us of The Perfect Storm. What convinced you to do the show?
One of the reasons I did the show was that I wanted people to see what we actually did and how abundant the lobster resource is and all the life that’s in the ocean. 

I think a lot of people are misinformed. And the other reason, of course, is my wife has the seafood restaurant and I’m hoping a lot of people want to come here and eat lobster.

The Maine lobster, can you explain to us how big of a price are we talking about here? 
Prices have been very bad this year.  Right now, the boat receives about $4 a pound for lobsters. But our price depends mostly on the quality of the lobster.

If they’re what we call new shell lobsters, they’re not worth as much as the hard shell lobsters because they can’t be air freighted.  So that’s what we look for is looking for good hard lobster that can be shipped around the world. 

Viewers like to watch shows of people in danger, so do you think the show taps into that? What is the appeal of Lobstermen?
I think it’s something different for people to see, how we actually work. That the traps are all tied together in a line.  

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