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Magic Meets Science!
New Discovery Channel show inspires with both magic and science
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 29, 2013
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Remember that time your eyes nearly popped out of its sockets after you saw your high school chemistry teacher combine various elements into compounds, and pour numerous colorful liquids to come up with even more colorful liquids?!

What’s that? You were too busy sleeping when it happened? Well, us too. For all of us average, former high school students whose main goal in school was to catch a glance of our crush during uwian, or to play basketball during recess, science was just never able to form a covalent bond with us.    

However, the new Discovery Channel show, The Magic of Science, wants us to to give science another shot.

The nine-part part-science, part-magic show will feature illusions that will drop the jaws of everyone, even those who have the entire David Blaine and Criss Angel DVD collection stashed in glass cases. The show aims to both stun and educate as the tricks and stunts are presented with theatrical exhibition and backed by scientific principles. The tricks featured in the show range from street-level, such as turning a silver bracelet into gold, to downright epic, as in crushing an entire fuel tanker withwhat else?telekinesis. At first you will be amazed, and then you will be enlightened as the show explains the chemistry/physics/biology/pure scientific awesomeness behind the trick.

Billy Kidd, one of the four magicians performing the tricks in The Magic of Science, was in the country to talk about the show. After performing a trick where she suspended water from an upside down glass with a strip of flimsy fabric (science, everyone!) on the brim, the Canadian performer further explained to us their show's premise:

"We took science experiments that are being taught in classes around the world [to TV]. Instead of doing just a science show that tells people how science works, this show makes things more entertaining and educational. By bringing in magicians, we get the opportunity to take these science experiments and perform them like a magician, thus creating the illusion of magic.”

Ah yes, magic. In this Google-and-Wikipedia era, when everyone sorta knows everything, how will the show manage to fascinate us? One, the tricks are all fresh, and the stunts promise to be spectacular in scale. Kidd also believes that part of the appeal is that it revisits our science lessons and presents them in a way that rekindles our curiosity. She goes: “For older people, it’s kind of looking back at what we worked on back in school that we’ve already forgotten or didn’t care about. And now it’s being presented in a new light. It’s like your science teacher was a magician, and then you’d want to know the science behind it.”

Now if the promise of science still doesn’t strike a chord with you, how about we check out the four young, world-class magicians that will be featured in the show? Billy Kidd will be joined by American Wayne Houchin, Briton Ben Hanlin, and Australian James Galea.

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