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Life With A Cheetah: How To Get Along With Wild Cats That Might Eat You

For 18 months, this man lived with a family of cheetahs in new Discovery Channel show. Hear him talk about the experience here.    
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 23, 2014
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Discovery Channel debuts a new show on April 27 called Man, Cheetah, Wild, to which some of us reacted: "Another survival show?"

Though the title seems to suggest just that, the show is a totally different creature.

Man, Cheetah, Wild is a two-hour special that follows the true story of one extraordinary cheetah family...and a man who forced them to adopt him into the brood. That man is Kim Wolhuter, a one-time game ranger with experience in the military and has garnered an Emmy for his wildlife filmmaking.

Above all, Kim has that preternatural gift of being able to connect with the animals of his native Zimbabwe--not just the cheetahs but other wild, presumably dangerous animals in the vicinity. He lives with them, drinks where they do, finds food on the move, and runs alongside them--instead of getting eaten up or trampled like most of us would probably do. He's Tarzan, only much better with a camera.

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