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This Pro Hustler Answers One Of Man’s Biggest Questions: ‘Is It Possible To Be Good At Everything?’

New Discovery Channel show features a regular joe attempting to beat expert chefs, footballers, and rowers with cunning tricks.
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 21, 2015
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Discovery Channel puts a stop to their beef against The Wild—specifically surviving against it—and turns their attention towards another kind of conflict: Man vs. Man.

Tomorrow, April 22, Man V. Expert premieres on the channel at 9 p.m. The new show pits pro hustler and con man Alexis Conran against a roster of experts in different fields. The challenge: to beat these experts at their own game without ever going through the years of training and hard work they've put in. Conran's challenge is to see if it's possible to vault your way to the top with tricks and shortcuts.

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Conran, said to be an ultra-competitive guy, is set to do battle against prodigies in fields such as angling, rowing, memorization, hunting, cooking, and football, just to name a few. To aid him in his challenges, Conran levels the playing field by looking into the science and technology of how these experts are so good at what they do.

At the end of each challenge, our daring host also shares the tips and tricks he used during his attempt to beat the expert.

This got us thinking: What experts would we want to take a shot at ourselves? Below are seven of them!

1)   Last a round against Manny Pacquiao

Our strategy: Go into full turtle mode, and hope that our bones have enough calcium in them to withstand the barrage. Afterwards, make a shirt that says "I Survived Pacquiao." That's an achievement in itself. Just ask Chris Algieri.

Chances of victory: None. Manny has enough experience dealing with turtle-defense specialists. (We're looking at you, Joshua Clottey.)

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2)   Win a match against 14-year-old 2013
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 third-placer, AK Laverez

Our strategy: Pick Capoeira master/button-masher's favorite Eddy Gordo and button-mash our way to victory.  

Chances of victory: Unlikely. AK confesses he's a master at button-mashing too.

Check out the Pinoy gaming wunderkind's highlights:

Video via PepperBeef2Spicy

3)   Race Mt. Everest conqueror Romi Garduce to the top of a mountain

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Image via

Our strategy: Fill his bags with pebbles the night before the ascent.

Chances of victory: Our beer gut would probably cancel out the impish trick we just pulled.

4)   Not get schooled in a one-on-one match against Jayson Castro/prime Johnny Abarrientos

Our strategy: Practice shooting our threes, since there's probably no way we're driving past these athletic stars.

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Chances of victory: When we start hitting a couple of threes, they'd probably lock in on us, and start blocking our shots.

But if we win? Here's how we'd probably react:

5)   Out-eat a
Fil-Am balut-eating champion, Wayne Algenio

Video via  Kroma Media

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