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How Do You Evade Your Girl's Gaze, Er, The World’s Most Elite Tracking Forces? Manhunt’s Joel Lambert Shows You How!

We're more likely to watch things that involve chasing after women, but we're giving an exception to Discovery Channel's new action survival series, <em>Manhunt With Joel Lambert</em>. Here's why...
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 3, 2014
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Here at FHM, we tend to not like things that involve chasing after a man. This is because we'd much rather chase after ladies.

But this new show we stumbled upon has us changing our minds: Manhunt.

Manhunt is an all-new Discovery Channel series that pits former US Navy SEAL and escape and evasion expert Joel Lambert in a real-life, extreme version of hide-and-seek against some of the globe's most elite military and law enforcement tracking units. Why does this interest us? Well, we can imagine we can use what we learn from the show in three real-life situations:

1) When trying to escape our girlfriend's dad when he finds out that we've been secretly sleeping in his daughter's room.

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2) When we're trying not to make our presence felt to someone we owe money to. Those loan sharks can be brutal, we tell you.

3) When we're trying to evade the boss when we feel like he is in utos mode.

Not that Joel Lambert has to escape from any of these in the show, but we're sure we'll pick up a thing or two as he tries to escape from the world's best military hunting squads, including the South Korean National Police (KNP) SWAT, Panama's anti-drug trafficking unit Servicio Nacional de Fronteras, Poland's border guard the Straz Graniczna, and our very own Philippine Army Scout Rangers:

The show's formula is this: Joel starts off at Point A, and he has to make it all the way to Point B. And right behind him are the aforementioned elite squads doing what they can to hunt down Joel, who's also doing what he can to throw off his would-be captors.

In a privately-held screening, we actually got to watch the episode with the Scout Rangers, and were pleasantly surprised with the results. Joel, who was present at the screening, had this to say about filming in the country: "The Scout Rangers were one of the most competent and difficult opponents I faced, and the jungle around Subic was the worst I have ever been. It completely was not what I anticipated."

A behind-the-scenes look at the action proves what Joel said:

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