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10 Sexiest Comic Book Characters We Don’t Want Marian Rivera To Play

Marian Rivera has had her fair share of superhero roles. Here are those we never want her to get near.
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 11, 2014
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Marian Rivera's almost decade-long stay under the Philippine showbiz spotlight has seen her ably take on a huge number of roles: Marimar, Ang Babaeng Hinugot Sa Tadyang, and of course, two-time FHM cover girl.

In every one of those roles, the reigning Philippine's Finest, has had us smitten--but none more so than when she takes on fantastical characters like Darna, Dyesebel, and Super Inday. We're all geeks here in FHM HQ, so we get really excited when we see such a sexy star like Marian in superhero duds.

We mean, look:

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That's some pretty sizzling cosplay, right?

The wonderful thought of Marian playing superheroine roles again suddenly popped up in our heads. We've seen her kick the ass of evil as Darna and Super Inday, and God knows we will never get enough of it.

However, we twisted our thoughts a bit and thought what superhero roles we DON'T want her to play? We mean, she'll undoubtedly be excruciatingly hot as any superheroine—superhero costumes have a tendency of enhancing female hotness. But as for the corresponding superpowers? We'd rather she avoid having Poison Ivy's deadly kisses or any other ability that could prove detrimental to our ogling/admiring/thinking nasty thoughts about her. 

"I won't ever pass on a chance to see a skimpily-clad superheroine Marian!" you say? Well, scroll down and be ready to change your dirty mind.

1) Poison Ivy

Why not: Aside from the fact that her skin's almost entirely green, she's also a regular customer of Gotham's insane asylum. These things don't prevent her from being incredibly hot though—so hot, we still want to kiss her. Unfortunately, that's a really, really stupid thing to do: her lips are laced with some kind of plant poison.

2) Catwoman

Why not: While we certainly would kill just to see Marian in a skin-tight catsuit, can you imagine what her slaps would feel like? Claws, darn it!

3) Supergirl

Why not: Marian Rivera in a short blue skirt and with blonde hair is the stuff dreams are made of. But remember that Uma Thurman movie, My Super Ex-Girlfriend? Cross her, and you better have a good hiding place for that car of yours.

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