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TFW McDonald’s Gets It Right

We're about to take you on a fastfood feels trip
by Anne Mari Ronquillo | Aug 2, 2016
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Children have no spending power and in this age of viral marketing, clown Ronald McDonald and purple goo Grimace just won’t cut it. A lot of TV advertisements from McDonald’s are marketed to parents or anyone with at least P25 in their wallet, but that doesn’t mean their commercials are a bunch of thoughtless fillers in between TV shows. McDo is known to produce classic gut-wrenching, right-in-the-feels commercials crafted to last no more than two minutes.

Check out some of their most memorable commercials:

1) #AlDubKoTo

Leave it to McDo to capitalize on the latest hit tandem as if their fries don’t already speak for themselves. In the spirit of Kalyeserye, the gods of fast food released a series of commercials mirroring the AlDub plot. It certainly paid off financially for McDonald’s, as well as emotionally for the AlDub devotees. Everyone just loves seeing Alden bringing Maine a bag of takeout on an empty set while she ponders their newfound fame.

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2) Bukas Ako Taya

Younger brother dutifully gets their breakfast pancakes and goes back to get Kuya his extra syrup. We learn that office crush is starting to give baby brother some attention, and Kuya has some "nuggets" of wisdom to impart. Brotherly love doesn’t seem to get a lot of screen time, so this adorable conversation between two brothers should be part of the collection.

3) Tuloy Pa Rin

Here we see a cutie who flashbacks to a breakup as she realizes that the only free seats are in fact the breakup booth. We have all grown to hate the dude who broke up with her at a McDonald’s, obviously before 11 a.m. if that cup of coffee were to tell us anything. Who does that?! But in the famous words of Neocolours, tuloy pa rin because homegirl knows that burger isn’t going to eat itself.


4) Happy Mother’s Day From McDonald’s

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Nothing tugs at everyone’s heartstrings quite like singing children. We see glimpses of Happy Meals in the most organic form they can achieve (organic product placement), but we’re not complaining! Why cook and wash dishes when you can just buy a Happy Meal? Parenting is hard work and we’re just glad McDo knows how to appreciate those backbreaking moments.

5) Karen/Gina

Who could forget one of the most touching advertisements for half a burger? We all get annoyed when a barista gets our name wrong so you can just imagine how Karen must be feeling when her Grandpa gets her name wrong to her face. This ad was such a hit that Karen went on to have a showbiz career—and even did a shoot with us. But who is Gina? Did we ever know? How do Lolo’s other grandchildren feel knowing that Karen is the favorite? Is Karen an only grandchild? So many questions after all these years...

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6) Ang Huling El Bimbo

This heartbreaking 2009 ad made brilliant use of Eraserheads’ iconic song. It’s for that feeling when we happen to run into our first childhood crush years later, and she introduces us to a bigger, brawnier bro with a firmer handshake: her husband. At least there’s that classic french fry-sundae combo to numb the pain.


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