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Megan Massacre On Bad Tattoos

<em>New York Ink</em> artist confirms it: getting your girlfriend's name tattooed is not a good idea
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 5, 2012
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Some tattoos might qualify for display in a gallery; some tattoos just take up space without really saying anything; and a few are just plain what-the-hell-were-they-thinking awful, e.g. this underarm tattoo showing a woman’s legs in stockings in spread eagle formation with the armpit hair acting as pubes.

TLC’s new show, America’s Worst Tattoos, focuses on the lattermost category. We’re talking about people with arm-filling tattoos of novelty bands, portraits of moms and pops on the butt cheeks, and dancing starfishes—tattoos so embarrassingly bad, we’d suggest skinning them out with a knife. These individuals will share their stories on how they got them (stories which probably involved booze at one point or another), why it seemed like an award-winning idea at that time, and the crushing regret that comes afterwards.

Yet there is hope, and in the show, it comes in the form of alternative model, DJ, and NY Ink star, Megan Massacre along with other experts in the field of tattoo transformation. Watch how these Dr. Belo’s of skin art lend an ear to the plight of these victims of ill judgment, impulsivity, and plain old lack of sensible thinking, and transform their hilariously bad tattoos into objects of art they’d finally be proud to show off.

Says Megan, whom we were able to chat with: ”Good tattoos hurt for a short while, but bad tattoos hurt forever.”

As a renowned artist though, we wonder: Was she spared from any questionable markings? Not at all, she says. She has a couple horrible ones, hailing from the days when as an apprentice she had to let other apprentices practice on her skin too.

She recalls this one story about that particular time: "Actually I know for a fact that one of the apprentices that I worked with, I did a bunch of my first tattoos on him, had some tattoos removed. I was working at tattoo shop that offered laser tattoo removals, and one day he came walking through the door having no idea I worked there, and he made an appointment to get laser removal, and he goes 'What are you doing here?'

And I was like 'I work here. What are you doing here?' And he's like, 'Coming to get all those tattoos you did on me years ago, lasered off.' He was so embarrassed about it. And I was like 'You don't have to be embarrassed, it's totally okay, they were awful." But yeah, it's really normal for tattooists to have that tattoos in the beginning of their career.”

So if artists can get afflicted with sorry-skin-art-syndrome, then you can, too. Read our interview on the next page, and get an idea how you could get a tattoo that you won't have to hide.

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