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Modern Family

<p>The award-winning mockumentary is fast gaining its cult following</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Sep 9, 2010
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Watching Modern Family is like engaging in an episode of Arrested Development once again. If you’re up for a good ol’ mockumentary type humor, chances are you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.
The principle of Modern Family relies on the awkward, ironic, and uncomfortable family type of comedy no regular laugh track-inducing sitcoms can achieve.

The mockumentary follows the families of Jay Prichett and his young Columbian wife, his high-maintenance daughter Claire, who has three kids of her own; and his gay son Mitchell, who, with life partner Cameron adopts a Vietnamese baby.

All three families have their own peculiar issues at home, but all episodes somehow end up with the whole clan hanging out together, regardless of whether or not something was worked out.

But 7th Heaven, this sitcom is certainly not. A less exaggerated real-life version of Family Guy, maybe. There are no tacky family moments, and if there ever is one, the awkwardness will linger within the first few seconds.

Funny also is the fact that the show has been critically acclaimed by media outlets, Metacritic and Time Magazine even.

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One review has very nice words for the show: "Every actor is fantastic, every family is interesting, and unlike many shows, there isn't a weak link."

The show even won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series and another trophy for Outstanding Writing. Modern Family was nominated for 14 Emmys in this year’s award show, attesting to its A-quality material.

Sitcoms with dry humor are a fresh but dying breed, and this show could easily trump all put-down connotations about this genre, surviving along with sister sitcoms The Office and Parks and Recreation.


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