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The Most Important Videos Of 2015 (Part I): The Year's Glorious Moments

The clips that had us abusing the playback button due to its sheer awesomeness—and that warm, fuzzy feeling it gave us inside.
by Chise Alcantara | Dec 30, 2015
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The year is almost over and looking back at all the stuff that has happened, we still have mixed feelings about whether or not we want to bury all the embarrassing facepalm moments of 2015 in the past, but it’s not like we have a choice.

The ever-evolving capacity of the Internet to immortalize all our stupidity, as well as our greatest accomplishments as human beings, into little chunks of easy-to-swallow information called web videos has allowed regular bros like us to relive the most important moments of the year in the comfort of our devices.

We, at the FHM HQ, have also gone through the trouble of sorting out this year's most viral and talked-about clips to give you one hell of a roller coaster ride of a recap. We start with the ones that had us abusing the playback button due to its sheer awesomeness—and that warm, fuzzy feeling it gave us inside.

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1) Knockouts!

2nd runner-up: Holly Holm knocks out Ronda Rousey

No one saw this upset coming, including, the then-seemingly unbeatable Rousey.

1st runner-up: Conor McGregor KOs Jose Aldo

While most consider this one a lucky punch, you got to hand it to Mystic Mac for capitalizing while Aldo was going for that flurry!

Gabriel Bracero One-Punch Man's Danny Connor ('Cause it's a verb now)

While both names aren't really considered as boxing superstars, Bracero's right did get some people talking as it nearly made Connor's head do a 180.

2) Too much time on their hands

2nd runner-up: Hotline Bling Vines

Even if you don't like Drake's hugot rap style, you just have to enjoy how much creativity and free time some people have.

1st runner-up: Baron Geisler's beast mode parody

Baron Geisler, while known for being an angry drunk, is actually quite the sport sober. He didn't even get mad at rapper Abaddon for making the hilarious song below. Just be careful if Baron asks you out to an inuman, dude.

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Ghost Fighter at the office

Talk about taking the whole Halloween costume party to another level. These guys recreated the popular opening theme of Yu Yu Hakusho, more popularly known as Ghost Fighter locally, complete with costumes, props, and even a makeshift tornado blanket thing. Who knows, maybe the FHM staffers will come up with something like this for next year.

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3) Twerk it, werk it

2nd runner-up: Abby Poblador in her undies

Whenever we want to refresh our minds about proper glute control techniques, we come back to watch this video a couple of...dozen times.

1st runner-up: Maja Salvador twerking to Enrique Gil's twerking (SMH)

We would've made this the winner if the camera only focused on Maja’s dancing skills, but noooo…

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Ella Cruz’s first time

The moment the teenybopper Ella decided that she wanted to shake her shapely bottom in her dance videos was when we were most thankful that weird African tribe came up with this equally strange dance move.

4) Favorite AlDub episodes

2nd runner-up: 'Sa Tamang Panahon'

On October 24, 2015, Filipinos netizens made history by hosting the most tweeted-about event in the entire world to date. Filled with familiar faces from Eat Bulaga's Dabarkads to the cast of Kalyeserye, the Philippine Arena was packed to the brim waiting for the much-awaited "Tamang Panahon" of the monumental love team.

1st runner-up: Wedding crashers

...and it's not because Maine Mendoza actually fainted during her wedding to Frankie Arinolli (Jose Manalo). Viewers admired the episode for showcasing how talented the other cast members are at ad-libbing and keeping their composure.

AlDub's first encounter

Who could forget that first sign of (genuine) kilig when Maine saw Alden Richards for the first time? Come on guys, alam naming kinilig din kayo!

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5) Maine Mendoza x Dubsmash

2nd runner-up: Maine, pre-Yaya Dub

You probably all know this by now, but before Maine was introduced to EB, she was already making waves in the Internet with her hilarious Dubsmash videos, particularly those that imitated Kris Aquino.

1st runner-up: Lola Nidora Dubsmash videos

After spending too much time with each other, Yaya finally caught Lola Nidora's voice—just kidding!

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Maine's real sultry voice!

After a while of stalking Maine and eventually falling in love with her silly expressions, we wondered what she actually sounded like, and oh my, her voice didn't disappoint! That accent is absolutely sexy.

6) Commercials

2nd runner-up: AlDub McDo commercial

In case we haven't nearly put enough AlDub on this list, here's the first-ever TV commercial of the kilig tandem.

1st runner-up: Zeit Heimzukummen Christmas ad

We don't really care what they're selling, but this hit us right in the holiday feels. But please, don't try this at home; you might just give someone a heart attack.

Ariel 7.50

Okay, we have to admit that after this commercial, Ariel finally did really happen to us.

7) Sports moments that made us tear up

2nd runner-up: Stephen Curry's mad handles

Watching Steph dribble through the Los Angeles Clippers' defense was so beautiful, it made us shed a few man tears.

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1st runner-up: Manny and Mayweather finally meet face-to-face

Like little boys opening their Christmas presents early, we were squealing with glee when we found out that the Fight of the Century was finally going to happen.

Kobe Bryant calls retirement

An end of an era finally came into realization when the Black Mamba finally confirmed his decision to retire. His words, "My heart can take the pounding. My mind can handle the grind. But my body knows it's time to say goodbye," really put a knife through every basketball lover's heart. Respect.

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