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The Most Important Videos Of 2015 (Part II): The WTF List

The clips that made us reevaluate our lives.
by Chise Alcantara | Dec 30, 2015
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The world is a strange place, filled with moments that'll make you scratch your head and ask, "How and why the hell did that happen?"

Why do the political campaigns resemble overly dramatic telenovelas acted on by pre-teens? Why does Japan seem to become weirder every passing year? Why does Hasht5 exist?

We have no answers to any of these absurdities, but what we do have is a continuation of our roundup of the most important videos that came out this 2015. Only this time we focus on the WTF ones.

1) Dumb-ass drivers

2nd runner-up: Drunk driver-slash-councilor

We really don't get why people mention that they're a government official when they get into trouble. Doesn't that just get them into bigger trouble?

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1st runner-up: Beast mode

We're not going to add to all the cyberbullying this guy has received because of the half-witted video of him driving recklessly and looking for trouble with other motorists. Instead, we're just going to leave this parody Kuya Jobert made and let it speak for itself. Beast mode, out!

Kuya Jobert parody

2) Weird Japan

2nd runner-up: Cockroach-blowing

A game where two cute girls try to blow everybody's favorite creepy crawler into each other's mouths by using a long transparent tube and their lung power. Not so cute now, eh?

1st runner-up: Ketchup Girl

Instead of an actual caption, we think it would be better for you to watch the video instead so you'll be as weirded out as we are. Why Japan? Why?

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Handjob karaoke show

Okay, this we could actually work with. We know our neighbors could really use some help reaching those really high Aegis birits.

3) Politician fails (Since there were so many, we decided to break this up into three sub-categories)

Duterte pabebe

2nd runner-up: Ninja DOM moves

Known for his breezy antics, it seems like the presidential seat isn't the only thing he's making the move on. Whether or not this would help his chances is beyond us.

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1st runner-up: Roxas vs. Duterte

Nothing like a bit of drama to get some attention, right? Mar Roxas and Duterte have been exchanging verbal blows ever since the Davao mayor made his intentions of running for president known. From a sampalan sesh to a gunfight to the death, these two have been challenging each other to everything. Dance battle na lang, fantastic baby!


'Scandalous' speech

After announcing his candidacy, Duterte found a public platform where he could speak his mind about how he was going to change the Philippines if he were elected president. Sadly, most netizens questioned his use of profanities throughout his speech and hardly concentrated on how good or bad his ideologies were.


4) Most awkward Mar Roxas videos

1st runner-up: Fist-bump

Ever since his Mr. Palengke days, Sec. Roxas' PR staff has been known for destroying keeping the guy’s image, erm, cool, hip, and relatable to, well, anyone. Here's a sad attempt of him trying to use the fist-bump from Big Hero 6, on a poor innocent child.

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Fast Forward

You'd probably think that the video above was awkward enough to be the winner, right? Nope. We think it's a lot more awkward when the guy making fun of you magically turns into one of your supporters. How the hell did that happened? Well, a few curious college students have theories, if you're willing to read through some interesting comments.

5) Political parties gone wild

2nd runner-up: Liberal Party party

We could only guess what these guys were thinking when they hired sexy dancers to serve as "entertainment" for their shindig. Guess all publicity is good publicity…not really.

1st runner-up: Binay chair-throwers

When their beloved Mayor Junjun Binay was being threatened with suspension, his supporters showed the whole Philippines that they really knew how to throw a party, LITERALLY, by throwing Monobloc chairs at public enforcers of the law. Sheesh...

Here's a separate PNP interview:


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It takes a special person to make Karen Davila look even smarter. After a series of fairly easy to answer questions, Alma Moreno continues to skirt around the bush, not really providing any substantial answers that'll help people understand her political stands. But hey, it made for great memes.


6) Most cringeworthy

2nd runner-up: Hasht5

Hasht5 is the best boy band in the entire world, and don't let other people tell you otherwise. Any video of them should be on any list worthy of their overwhelming talent. (You know we're being utterly sarcastic, right?)

1st runner-up: Pabebe Warriors

It's basically just two girls on-cam and another one off-cam, fighting for their freedom to pabebe as they please, which we think is a noble cause to fight for.

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Miss Universe 2015 wrong announcement

Steve Harvey proves to everyone how important careful reading is. Despite making the absolute worst mistake a human being could have made in a beauty contest and potentially scarring the ladies for life, there have been talks of having Mr. Harvey to host the pageant again for 2016. Yup, that’s just how the world works.

7) Hard-hitting news

2nd runner-up: INC allegedly abducts its own members

The whole Philippines was alarmed when former Iglesia Ni Cristo minister Lowell Menorca confirmed that he was held against his will by high members of the religious organization so he could be questioned about his knowledge about the church leadership.

1st runner-up: Montero Sport’s sudden kadyot

People are still debating whether or not this is human error, but one thing's for sure: This video shook the motorist world, as on-road safety was challenged for quite some time.

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Winner (actually, losers):
SAF44, Mamasapano Viral Video

The viral video of the encounter between the Philippine National Police-Special Action Force (PNP-SAF), the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), and the aftermath of the massacre woke the world up to what was really happening in Mindanao.

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