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Graphic Anime Deaths That Don't Scrimp On The Gore

Spoilers—and spilled guts—ahead!
by John Paulo Aguilera | Nov 4, 2016
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In the fun and colorful world of anime, lies a dark corner that contains everything that pushes the boundaries of the genre.


An anime character's demise tends to be exagerrated—thanks in large part to the sick, twisted minds of the Japs. And because it doesn't require actual blood, gore, and remorse, animators are given the liberty to paint gruesome scenes in the most graphic and lifelike ways possible.

These death scenes, whose creators might've gone overboard with their artistic freedom, are proof that not all anime are made for kids. From monstrosities to school horror stories, here are some of the genre's most grisly depictions of death. May their souls rest in peace. 

Kaori (Akira)

We wouldn't want Tetsuo Shima's psychic abilities if it meant turning into a colossal, grotesque mutation. Whenever he loses control of his powers, they become too dangerous for his own good. His girlfriend was among the unfortunate victims of his homicidal rampage.

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Carla Yeager (Attack on Titan)

Since time immemorial, putting together bloodthirsty giants and puny humans in gruesome storylines could only mean madness. You can just imagine the collective shock on our faces when this scene ended an already-tense premiere episode. The horrific death of Eren Yeager's mother set the macfabre tone for the entirety of the series.

Luke Valentine (Hellsing Ultimate)

Who thought that something downright brutal could also be utterly beautiful? A long fight sequence developed into a visual feast when the powerful vampire Alucard finished his white-clad antagonist in style—red hat, tie, coat, and all.


Almost everyone (Corpse Party)

Haunted institutions and defenseless pupils clearly don't make for a delightful story. Corpse Party, which was originally a horror video game, amped up the scare factor in its animated version with copious amounts of disembowelment and amputation. 

Shoji Kubodera (Another)

All hell breaks loose for the professor when his homeroom class, 9th Grade Class 3, gets afflicted with a malevolent curse. Eventually, Kubodera becomes overwhelmed by the "Calamity" and meets his demise in a traumatizing fashion—in front of his pupils' very eyes.

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Nene and Nono Motoe (Blood-C)

We seriously couldn't comprehend the plot of this supernatural series, but the thought of being easily slammed to the ground and brutally ripped apart by a gigantic dog was enough reason to keep watching.

Kanae (Elfen Lied)

Say it along with us: "WTF DID WE JUST WATCH?"


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