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Here's How Watching Movies Can Cleanse Your TV Series Binging

Looks like international streaming service Netflix has a valid explanation to back your hardcore couch potato habits
by Khatrina Bonagua | Dec 14, 2016
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If you think your binge-watching habit is beyond overboard (Read: TV series plus movies all day everyday), well, think again.

Looks like international streaming service Netflix has a valid explanation to back your hardcore couch potato habits.

In a recently released study done by the streaming giant, Netflix found a new viewing trend with more than its 30 million users—that is, these viewers tend to weave films in between their series marathon binges.

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Analyzing the viewing habits of Netflix’s 86 million customers in 190 territories between January and October this year, the study showed that more than 59% of Netflix subscribers take a three-day break after finishing a series before watching on a new one. And in that break period, 61% of members will tune into a movie.

“In our ongoing effort to make great programming decisions for our members we found movies play a unique role in their evolving binge watching routines,” said Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer, Netflix.

“It’s interesting to see a third of our members adopt this pattern and the movies those 30 million go on to pair with series, but what I find most compelling is how consistently our members expand the role movies play in their lives on Netflix,” he adds.


According to the study, an interesting pattern has also emerged with their audience’s watching habits, as the tv and movie pairings generally seemed to be based on the genre of the series they just binge watched.

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For example, after watching Narcos, people wanted to further expand their knowledge of the cartel so moved onto Cartel Land. Once done with Breaking Bad, many switched over to Pulp Fiction. As for the girlfriend, you might have noticed that after watching Gilmore Girls, she then moved to movies like Clueless and The Notebook.

The binge watching and movie matching trend does not apply, however, to comedy. Netflix says its customers choose comedy to break their viewing rhythm—especially to lighten the mood after viewing their favorite horror series. To illustrate the point Netflix pointed to pairings including Stranger Things and Zootopia, and American Horror Story and Mean Girls.

Here’s a more detailed graphic of the study (which you could save for future binge-watching reference):

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