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My Husband's Lover: 8 Things You Don't Say After You're Discovered

Straight or not, here are the things you should never say when you're caught cheating
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 22, 2013
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My Husband’s Lover, GMA’s high-rating gay drama starring Tom Rodriguez (the husband), Dennis Trillo (the husband’s lover) and Carla Abellana (the husband’s original lover/legal wife), has been making waves since it started airing in June. 


Several things have been pointed out for its success: the strength of the acting, the noticeably subdued confrontation scenes, and the brisk, realistic storytelling. And then there is also the case of the subject matter. My Husband’s Lover is the first teleserye to put the topic of homosexuality front and center—a topic that is certainly no stranger to controversy. It's also a theme that has attracted a few viewers who eagerly await the answer to the burning question, "Are they going to kiss in this episode?"—the "they" being Dennis and Tom, of course. 

In the story, Lally (Carla Abellana) marries Vincent (Tom Rodriguez) out of a misguided sense of necessity. Vincent gets Lally pregnant, and so they wed. For a time, the couple seems happy. That is until Eric (Dennis Trillo), apparently the love of Vincent's life, shows up again and proves himself irresistible to the still-in-denial Vincent. As you might have guessed, such an arrangement could prove troublesome—with the sexuality of the main male characters serving as an interesting kink for a lot of viewers. 

For one, the CBCP does not approve.

In the July 12 episode, the teleserye hit a high note as Lally finally found out about her husband's shenanigans. Her reaction: "Iniwan mo ang gamit mo sa bahay ng kabit mo. Bakla. Hindi ko maintindihan. Bakit? Paano? Ang baboy, baboy niyo. Bakit kay Eric pa? Bakit hindi sa babae? Mas matatanggap ko pa sana kung sa ibang babae. Bakit sa lalaki?"  

Oh snap. You done it now, Eric. 

So, for the sake of helping a (former) bro out, below are some replies we think Vincent should never EVER say. Coincidentally, these are also helpful for guys out there looking to come out of the closet by banging secretly in the closet when their wife's not watching. Not cool, uhm, bru!  

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The shout-til-you-get-your-point-across technique only works when you haven't been caught doing it in the act yet .

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