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The Mythbusters Bust Myths From Star Wars And The Walking Dead!

The Discovery Channel's most curious crew delves into space and the zombie apocalypse!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 17, 2014
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Can you believe that it's been more than a decade since Discovery Channel's Mythbusters first busted myths (and in the process, destroyed the fantasy behind movie magic)?

Yes, through 11 years, the literally dynamite duo of Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage (and their co-geeks Tory Belleci, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara) have created more than 840 explosions, cracked open 925 myths, and used in excess of 50 kilometers of duct tape. Incredible numbers, yes? 

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What's far more incredible is that the explosions and massive use of duct tapes are far from over. The Emmy-nominated series has returned with 17 brand new episodes—each one still worth looking forward to, if only to see more explosions that could give Michael Bay a hard-on.

So, what sort of shenanigans will the Mythbusters find themselves in this season? Here are five of our favorites:

1)   Mythbusters take on Star Wars!

The Mythbusters are geeks at heart, so you knew it was only a matter of time before they took on one of the biggest geek franchises of all-time: Star Wars.

In the episode, they take on four burning questions:

  • Could Luke really have swung across a huge chasm to escape Stormtroopers while carrying Princess Leia with only his belt-rigged grappling hook?
  • Could the Ewoks’ primitive swinging-log trap have realistically crushed one of Darth Vadar’s most sophisticated weapons—an Imperial “Chicken Walker”?
  • And would a Tauntaun’s carcass have kept Luke from freezing to death on the bitterly cold climate of Hoth?
  • And can Princess Leia's slave bikini get any hotter?

Yup, we totally made up that last one...

2)   The Mythbusters bust zombie myths with help from The Walking Dead's Michael Rooker

The 'busters teaming up with TV stars ain't a new thing. They did it before with Breaking Bad. This season, they're moving away from meth science and ask questions about a zombie apocalypse, with help from TWD's dickhead survivor Merle Dixon played by Michael Rooker.

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In particular, can you really go toe-to-toe with an undead?

In the episode they also ask:

  • Is an axe the more efficient weapon of choice, or are you better off with a gun?
  • Can the "might of the living dead" bust down doors or is the physical force of the unwieldy mob just filmic fiction?
  • And, if you’re swarmed, can you outrun–or outsmart–a hungry horde?

Tune in everyone; the answers might just save your life when a zombie apocalypse actually happens!

3)   Mythbusters take on the world's most important question of all time: Can you herd cats?

There's a saying in the Western world that goes "it's like herding cats," which is synonymous to "it's impossible." But, really, is it?

In this episode, the Mythbusters try to find that out along with other implausible idioms, like "catching a greased pig."

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