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This Young Dude Filmed A Sex Scene With Natalie Dormer

...and he generously shares what it was like
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 17, 2016
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Natalie Dormer is fire.

In case you need to jog your memory, here's a photo:

She plays Queen Margaery in HBO's Game Of Thrones where she absolutely smolders.

And this is Dean-Charles Chapman, who plays Tommen Baratheon:

In Season 5, Tommen became king, whose coronation was followed by marrying Margaery Tyrell, wife to Joffrey before Joffrey choked to death. Their marriage was consummated on screen with a lively, little sex scene—a scene that made Dean-Charles the envy of every Game Of Thrones nerd.

We imagine that it must've been incredible. But we'll let the actor speak for himself. In an interview with the International Business Times, Chapman, who was 16 during the time, describes how it felt filming the winning scene:

"It's not awkward, it might look awkward on screen because of the age difference but it's pretend, it's all pretend. We're actors, Natalie's a lovely person; she made me feel unbelievably comfortable. Hopefully she was comfortable with me. But the sex scene and stuff, it all ran smoothly. It's all planned, we talk about it... It's a normal day."

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And...that was pretty much it. We expected some raucous hooting and Jordanesque fist pumps, but as it turns out, we're apes and Dean-Charles—befitting of the name—is a class act. Score one for the gents.


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