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New HBO Comedy is the Show to Watch for All of Us Wannabe Babaeros

Premiering tonight on HBO is Hello Ladies, a show about a nerd who fantasizes about hot women! Great!
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 21, 2013
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Are you a web designer?

Does the scene below look familiar to you?

                                               Only Val Venis can pull off the "Hellloooo Ladies" pick-up line.

If your answer to both of these questions is no, then you probably aren’t Stephen Merchant who plays the role of Stuart in the new HBO sitcom, Hello Ladies.

Stuart is a web designer and wannabe ladies man who recently relocated from England to Los Angeles. Why? Because he’s become obsessed with the hunt for sunshine, VIP parties and beautiful women—and Los Angeles, the land of dreams, happens to have a cornucopia of those things. Unfortunately for Stuart, all that he has found so far is the sunshine. The beautiful women, and the VIP parties—in particular, the hunt for these—are what Stuart will be preoccupied with in this show that’s produced, written and created by Stephen Merchant himself.

The Golden Globe-winning Merchant is the longtime comedy partner of Ricky Gervais of The Office fame. In Hello Ladies, he will be teaming up with Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, the writers and producers of the American version of the The Office (which gave us one of the most memorable TV bosses ever, Steve Carell as the aching-to-be-loved Michael Scott.)

If the caliber of the previous shows that he’s been involved with is any indication, then we’re betting that Hello Ladies might just be the next great HBO comedy.

Besides, the premise is something that the FHM man is awfully familiar with. 38-year-old Stuart is the kind of guy that has romantic aspirations that far outstretch his looks or appeal. (Told you it was familiar.) We look at all these women in the pages of FHM with one thing in mind: “Kailan kaya ako makaka-score ng ganitong kagaganda?” Because secretly, our life mission is to get a girl that’s way out of our league. Hey, it could happen, and when it does, who wouldn’t be satisfied?

                            And what hot girl wouldn't want a guy like this? Such a natural charmer!

In Hello Ladies, that’s what keeps Stuart’s motor running.

Click on the next page for Stephen Merchant's take on how this Stuart character is someone who never really grew out of high school or as he puts it, "a 15-year-old in a 38-year-old man's body."

NEXT: Remember how in high school, some of us got rejected? That's how Stuart continues to live!

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