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Check Out This New Survival Show: One Car Too Far

by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 5, 2012
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Watching people attempt to tackle Mother Nature head on and survive has always piqued the interest of the TV-watching populace. Case in point, the granddaddy of all reality TV show, Survivor. The same goes for a litany of survival-themed shows such as the Bear Grylls Gross-Out Special otherwise known as Man Vs. Wild; Man Woman Wild, which gave us a glimpse of what happens when you take your non-outdoorsy wife to the outdoors; and Dual Survival, a tale of two survival experts with totally different approaches.

By now, you’d think that we’ve learned enough to survive a dozen apocalypses. Apparently, Discovery Channel doesn’t think so because here they’ve lined up another survival series for all of us to enjoy. Witness: One Car Too Far.

Here’s a couple of things about the show

1) It has two lead characters: former British Special operative, Gary Humphrey, and American Petrol Head, Bill Wu. “One knows how to survive, and the other knows how to drive.” With their powers combined, they form Captain, conquer extreme conditions in their bid to return to civilization.

As partners, they've been through tough shit together. Bill describes Gary as someone who's hard as nails. "You definitely can rely on him.  He's never a disappointment.  He's one of those things that every, like I said, every Bill needs his Gary." Gary, on the other hand, describes Bill as the smart guy. "He's got a great engineering mind, which is a nice thing, and was also really helpful on the show.  He could think outside of the box in a really weird way to come up with suggestions on how to fix things."

2) Okay, so it has two survival experts. Haven’t we seen that already? Yes, but the show has a third character: a red 4x4 all-purpose vehicle. Wouldn’t a car make things easier? Maybe, if it were military-grade. But this one isn’t. As it stands, it’s a pretty ordinary buggy. Yet, with Bill’s car expertise, it might just do some extraordinary, MacGyver-esque stuff. How they make use of the car, and the scarce resources available to them to “modify” their vehicle will be integral to their survival.

3) By “harsh conditions,” what exactly do we mean? The trio will be dropped off in Chile, specifically in the areas where few tourists dare to venture. The scenes promise to be as epic and as dynamic as Chile’s diverse landscapes. The season will take them to a snow-capped volcano, a desert, a rainforest, and a mountain—each presenting unique challenges.

Now you know the where, what, and how of the show, let's check out what Gary Humphrey and Bill Wu have to say during our interview with them. You never know what new survival-y stuff you might just learn!

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