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The 8 Most Brutal Anime One-Shot Kills

Only a handful have pulled it off
by Andrei Medina | Aug 13, 2017
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Battle type anime are always fun to watch, especially since they pack tons of action into every episode. These high-octane scenes usually include epic signature moves, intense power-ups, and moments where the protagonist decimates all his enemies single-handedly.

In some instances, characters—like the ones below—overpower their foes with just one hit:

Natsu vs Laxus (Fairy Tail)

After all the hype, this much-awaited match that pits Natsu’s Fire Dragon Slayer Magic against Laxus’ equally strong Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic was a letdown after it ended with—you guessed right—a punch.

Toriko vs Ichiru (Toriko)

If there’s one untold rule in anime it’s this: old geezers are extremely strong. Here, IGO President Ichiru schools Toriko (who just recently powered up) and shows him that he still has a lot to learn.

Luffy vs Bellamy (One Piece)

With a 55-million belly bounty on his head, Pirate Captain Bellamy thought he was the baddest man in town. Until, that is, the unassuming Straw Hat Pirate, Captain Monkey D. Luffy, shows him otherwise.

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Aoshi Shinomori vs Okina (Samurai X)

Okina was well beyond his prime when he fought Aoshi, but he still had enough drive in him to engage the silent assassin in a showdown to the death. Unfortunately, Aoshi’s double kodachi technique proved too much to handle.


Hiei vs Makintaro (Yuyu Hakusho)

When not using the overpowered Dragon of the Darkness Flame technique, Hiei usually relies on his sword skills, which are as deadly as his signature move.

Saitama (One Punch Man)

Saitama can basically destroy his enemies with an effortless punch. Here’s a short compilation of his kills:

Beerus' Hakai (Dragon Ball)

This cat-like deity is actually the God of Destruction for Universe 6. That being said, Beerus obviously has ridiculous power levels far greater than Goku’s. One of his special moves includes the Hakai, where one’s existence is completely erased with a single move.

Killua Zoldyck vs Jones (Hunter x Hunter)

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At first, Killua seems like a kid who’s about to be one of Jones the Dissector’s victims. What the psychopath didn't know is that Killua is part of the legendary Zoldyck family infamously known throughout the world for their unmatched skills in the art of assassination. Poor Jones just had zero chances from the start.


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