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Rock Star Dads Who've Got The Rhythm For Fatherhood

A look at these musical icons' alternative jams
by Jill Tan Radovan | Jun 18, 2017
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We see them in gigs and concerts, either defying the limits of their vocal range or working up a groove with their instruments. Fans shower them with hero worship in sheer admiration, either for their musical talent or their infallible rockstar presence. Beyond the glow of strobe lights, the sound of amplifiers, and after a long night of playing, however, some of these music icons are bigger stars to the little ones who worship them the most—their children.

1) Chito Miranda 

Chito and wife Neri Naig were once the object of controversy, but that scandal has become a faded memory with the arrival of their son, Miggy. While Chito’s Instagram account still has snapshots of Parokya Ni Edgar performances and frequent tributes to his wife, it is now riddles with baby powder commercial worthy photos of his six-month-old son.

2) Diego Mapa

The unassuming all-around talented musician we see as part ofPedicab, Tarsius, Monsterbot, Eggboy and The Diegos is as lovable as a dad as he is on stage. Eleven-year-old Vito is a dead-ringer for Diego, while nine-year-old Estella looks like a mini version of Diego’s equally creative wife Ge.

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3) Ely Buendia

Ely’s Instagram bio says it all—"A father, dad, and daddy all rolled into one." This could mean something else entirely, but taken literally, it tells us all that we need to know. The Eraserheads/Pupil/Apartel frontman, songwriter, producer and consummate musician is also a father to a lovely young lady and a teenage son.

4) TJ Brillantes 

Grehoundz drummer and Brigada percussionist TJ is also a doting father to 7-year-old Chloe and 4-year-old Lukas. Who would have thought that one of the guys behind a song like “Pigface”would be the same type to bring his kids to school or accompany them to football practice?

5) Reg Rubio 

Greyhoundz frontman and "Balian ng Leeg" host Reg Rubio uses the hashtag #seedxsaiah when he posts about his cute kids, Seed and Saiah.


6) Ahmad Tanji

What is it with rockstars and cool names for their kids? We Are Imaginary vocalist Ahmad Tanji is a proud father to two beautiful girls with quite exceptional names—Dylan Zinead Xiv, 14; and Art Elise, 9.

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7) Jay Contreras

Tattoos and fatherhood go well together. Looking at the Instagram of Kamikazee’s Jay Contreras, one can observe that he absolutely loves the following things: tattoos, photography, wife and former child star Sarah Abad, and his cute kids—Kidlat and Isla.

8) Mong Alcaraz

From the looks of it, Sandwich and Chicosci guitarist Mong Alcaraz is also a family man who loves to travel with his wife and his daughter in tow. Cute daughter Mira—who celebrated her birthday just last month— takes after Mong with those chinky eyes and that impish smile.

9) Herbert Hernandez

6Cyclemind and Moonstar88’s Herbert Hernandez posts quite a few photos of his wife and kids—two boys and a toddler daughter—from snapshots taken at home to pictures of adventures in theme parks like Disneyland.

10) Basti Artadi

Die-hard Wolfgang fans may find it hard to believe that the same guy who drove them to mosh pits by belting out these lyrics would eventually engage in art projects at home with his kids. Basti, who’s now trying to take it easy as a solo artist and with a new band after having a tumor operation early this year, can also be found spending quality time these days with his identical twins. If you chance upon Basti performing at a gig at a mall or any other family-friendly venue, his daughters are most likely nearby, tagging along.

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