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8 Wholesome '90s Cartoons And The Lessons They Taught Us

Does anyone remember Remi or Sarah?
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jan 18, 2017
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The children of today face a much different morning than kids of the ‘90s. What was once dominated by hours and hours of Tagalized cartoon greatness from our local networks has become a venue for talkshows and sappy dramas. But while cable TV channels still show cartoons, nothing compares to nostalgia these titles can induce.

From orphaned girls to brave little princes, these colorful characters with complicated storylines became our first best buddies, even before we admired badass anime heroes such as Eugene from Ghost Fighter and Recca from Flame of Recca. Your first posters (or probably even coloring books) were of these adorable kids: Heidi, Remi, Cedie, and more. You know the oes we're talking about. 

Here are some of our favorites and the lessons that we learned from them.

1) Heidi

Like a ray of sunshine, Heidi taught us how to light up the lives of the people and even the animals around her, inspiring them with her enthusiastic and wonderful zest for life.

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2) Julio at Julia: Kambal ng Tadhana

Julio and Julia taught us that giving up is never an option. It also showed us that teamwork is important, very much like how the two of them worked together to overcome the obstacles in their journey to fulfil their prophecy.

3) My Daddy Long Legs

My Daddy Long Legs is a wonderful story about a girl who uses her gifts (In Judy Abbott’s case, writing) to accomplish her dreams. She served as a strong role model for us to reach for our goals (with the help of family and friends, of course!).

4) Cedie, Ang Munting Prinsipe

Through Cedie’s kindheartedness, the young boy warmed his grandfather’s cold heart. He taught us that selflessness and sympathy go a long, long way than all the other worldly material things around us.  


5) Si Mary At Ang Lihim Na Hardin

The theme song says it all: “Sadyang ganyan ang buhay kailangan masanay, mapag larong tadhana susubukin ang tibay. Kaya’t kumilos ka, mag-isip at mag aral!”

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6) Sarah, Ang Munting Prinsesa

Despite all the challenges that happened to Sarah, the little girl stayed strong. She overcame all her fears and trials. Sarah persevered despite all the hate. She showed us that it pays to live a life with undying courage, faith, and hope.

7) Ang Pamilya Von Trapp

We definitely loved this one for the music, no questions asked. And of course, it made us love our siblings and parents more, too.

8) Remi

Remi endured and overcame many difficulties while looking for her real family. She never gave up, that’s why neither should we.

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