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The #PBB737 Bromance Issue Has Nothing On The Most Controversial Big Brother Moments Around The World

So the MTRCB has some problems with the current <em>Pinoy Big Brother</em> edition...
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jul 2, 2015
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The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) recently invited officials of ongoing reality show Pinoy Big Brother 737 to a conference "concerning children's rights and protection."

Whether it was because of housemates venting their personal issues, or the viral KenLey bromance, the board reportedly called for the meeting—scheduled on July 9—to "ensure that the best interest of the children [participating in the show] are given primary consideration."

Through the years, PBB has had its fair—if not, more than enough—share of controversies, which is honestly one of the reasons why it became such a hit. (Ah, the beauty of human nature...)

However, if we're talking about scathing scandals, Bahay Ni Kuya is apparently no match against its foreign counterparts. In more liberated countries like the United Kingdom and South Africa, nudity and sex between housemates inside the Big Brother house are commonplace.

Which brings us to these questions: Are our regulatory boards being a bit too sensitive when it comes to media content? Or do they have a point in calling out these people? Is this just another case of emotional porn (although we're very much aware that PBB has been using the same formula again and again)?

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FHM rounded up five of the most controversial moments in international Big Brother history to see if there really is a cause for concern—that's aside from teens and their raging hormones—in our own BB franchise!


First on our list happened on Big Brother Mzansi (South Africa) just a couple of months ago. A certain Siyanda Ngwenya was given the boot after being suspected of sexually assaulting his female housemate while the latter was asleep.

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Things got steamy one night between Siyanda and the woman, and they were filmed by the all-seeing Big Brother House cameras exchanging XO's. The following day, Siyanda reportedly bragged about boning his housemate, which didn't bode well with her.

Aside from being appalled by the claim, she also stressed that she didn't consent to the act. Apparently, Mr. Ngwenya is somewhat of a sexual ninja, allegedly managing to get one off the woman while she was sleeping.

Unfortunately, the female housemate was also sent packing "for her own well-being."

Wild, right? But this isn't the worst entry from BB South Africa (more on that later).


This one was a case of "fooling around gone wrong." On July 1, 2006, Big Brother 6 (Australia) housemates Michael "Ashley" Cox, Michael "John" Bric, and Camilla Severi were getting ready for bed when they suddenly engaged in a little horseplay. The joking around took a serious turn when John held Camilla down for Ashley to turkey slap her. To those not familiar with the term, to turkey slap is to hit someone across the face with a penis. (Yes, very much like in porn.)

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Although the incident didn't seem to affect Camilla, the two men were thrown out of the show, investigated for sexual assault, and ridiculed publicly. Things got so out of hand that then-Prime Minister John Howard pushed for getting the "stupid program off the air."

Video via Dailymail News


Housemate Kinga Karolczak infamously entered the Big Brother (UK, 2005) house in a scanty fig-leaf outfit. Apparently, it was just a sign of things to come.

After one night of heavy drinking, Kinga started playing with herself USING THE SAME, FREAKIN' WINE BOTTLE she just drank from. (Well, it would've been more disturbing if it were the other way around, but still...) Kinga, who even transferred to the house's open garden to continue her deed, later claimed in an interview that she was forced into such outrageous behavior by the Big Brother showrunners.

Video via Welcome to The Best of BB

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In 2007, an argument between Celebrity Big Brother 5 housemates Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty became a hot topic in Britain. The former (a Caucasian reality TV veteran) let out racial slurs against the latter (an Indian film actress and model). Jade called Shilpa a few (well, actually, a lot of) names, and even told her to "go back to the slums."

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