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8 Anime Characters That Are More Powerful When Perverted

Here's a list of characters that use their kinkiness to save the world
by Chise Alcantara | Nov 15, 2017
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In anime, and in fiction in general, people usually complain if a character is suddenly given an unexplainable power-up by the authors and would call it an ass-pull. A way to circumvent this issue to hint at a latent inborn trait the character has had from the start, which will then be awakened at an opportune time by the plot. Most of these traits have to do with having limitless potential, like Saitama in One Punch Man or have an unbelievable amount of human spirit like Simon in Gurren Lagann.

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But one power-up mechanic all of us can relate to and we can easily accept is how boobs can bring out the best in all of us. Here’s a list of characters that use their manyak-ness to go beyond themselves and sometimes even save the world.

Dakara Boku wa Ecchi ga Dekinai (So I can’t play, H!) - Ryosuke Kaga

We can’t decide whether to be jealous or sorry for our MC (main character) Ryosuke Kaga’s situation. Being told by a death reaper that you’re going to die in three months unless you do what she says seems like a bad deal at first until you see what a hot redhead she is. And the fact that you get to grope her so that you can be the limitless source of energy to fuel her life force in our world sweetens that deal even more.

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HunterXHunter - Hisoka

Even though Hisoka doesn’t really have many instances of blatant sexual situations, what we can still safely say that this guy gets off on fighting. As a member of the Phantom Troupe, an elite group of hired mercenaries, he’s could be considered one of the most deadly characters in the anime. He gets even scarier when he fights really strong opponents like when he has pedobear tendencies whenever Gon’s around or when he gets excited at the thought of fighting Chrollo Lucifer, the leader of the Phantom Troupe and his arch rival.

Masuo Gakuen HxH - Hida Kisuna

This takes harem type anime to a whole other level. Hida Kisuna gets invited to a school of battle ready babes who fight aliens. Hida isn’t powerful on his own but he is gifted with the HHG (Hybrid Heart Gear), which enables him to power up the girls by stimulating them in various ways.

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FLCL - Noata Nandaba

There comes a time in every boy’s life when he has to become a man but most of the time, it probably wouldn’t involved getting run over by a Vespa 180 scooter and getting hit on the forehead by a vintage Rickenbacker 4001 electric guitar by an investigator for the Galactic Space Police Brotherhood (think: Police Pangkalawakan).

Noata is a 12 year old kid that’s forced to come to grips with living together with his dysfunctional family, having a robot periodically come out from his forehead whenever he feels “adult things,” and all while dealing with the crazy times of puberty in a town where “nothing amazing happens [and] everything is ordinary.”


Kakegurui (Compulsive Gambler) - Yumeko Jabami

As hot as Yumeko is, she’s probably the character on this list that we wouldn’t want to deal with. In Hyakkaou Private Academy, the students are measured not by their academic or physical prowess but how well they read their opponent and play gambling games. At first, Yumeko Jabami looks like a well-mannered, soft-spoken, Japanese highschool girl but when she gets really into a gambling match, she can get pretty sadistic and scary. She’s a compulsive gambler that gets turned on by the thought of winning big despite the seemingly insurmountable odds that stand in front of her. If you’re into seeing scantily clad highschool girls thoroughly embarrassed, then this is the anime for you.

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My Hero Academia - Minoru Mineta

In an anime where most of the characters want to be heroes for the sake of chasing generic dreams of making a better world and making people smile by being the symbol of peace, a man’s man dares to live his life the truest he can by dedicating his heroic acts to get some ass.

Minoru Mineta isn’t your typical hero; in fact by the way he looks and his “superpower” of making super sticky balls grow out of his head, you’d probably judge him to be some fodder character but don’t be mistaken as he is actually pretty cunning and intelligent when in the right situations, specifically when hot girls are watching. Time and time again, Minoru has proven us wrong and delivered each time the stakes were down by going “PLUS ULTRA” in his own unique way.

KonuSuba or Konu Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo! (God’s Blessing to This Wonderful World) - Dustiness Ford Lalatina aka Darkness

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KonuSuba is blessed with a wonderful cast of quirky and interesting characters but we believe that without Darkness, they would have probably all died in the first few episodes. Darkness is the paladin of the party; she has all the makings of a great tank: sturdy equipment, a beautiful toned body, luring skills, a brave and a honorable heart from her royal lineage, she would have been perfect if she could actually hit the enemies they were fighting. Along with having no offensive combat prowess whatsoever, she’s also a full-on masochist and loves getting hurt by the enemy, which usually puts her party in danger as she tries to search for the most difficult and deadliest ways to finish their quests.

Highschool DXD - Issei Hideyo

You all knew that this was going to be on this list. The pervert turned devil turned *SPOILERS* Dragon Armor Clad Badass, Issei has been the poster boy for ecchi shounen harem anime ever since the show finished its first season. But for all those who haven’t experienced the awesomeness of Trans Dragon Booster Overload! here’s a quick intro to Highshool DXD.

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Issei Hideyo was a normal, perverted Japanese highschool student until he was killed by a demon. Not wanting to die, Rias Gremory, the head of the Gremory family revived him as a demon to serve under her (sometimes literally) as her pawn. Along with getting revived, Issei received a legendary artifact, the Boosted Gear, which allows him to literally boost up his power or gift/transfer power to other people.

In the first few episodes of the anime, Issei could only boost his power up to two times but with determination and copious amounts of fan service he can now increase his power to nigh limitless levels.


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