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Project Earth

<p>A jaw-dropper that heals the world</p>
| Sep 30, 2008
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Discovery Channel premieres October 1, Wednesday, 10 pm

Who? Jennifer Languell (builder), Basil Singer (boy wonder), Kevin O’Leary (cash cow)

What’s it about? Unlike most reality TV series, this one is with a noble cause. It will showcase the most outrageous and extreme ideas that the best minds can come up with. Their objective: Save the planet. Expect to witness eight crazy experiments bold enough to change the world. The world’s most eminent scientists meet three daring visionaries to put the most ambitious geo-engineering ideas to the test, tackling issues surrounding global climate change.

What’s good about it? Well, most of these brilliant ideas might not actually work. Thing is, what if one does? Mother Earth’s recovery will surely be underway.

What’s bad about it?
Expect this stuff to be a tad complicated for the average Mang Jose. So much so that Discovery came up with a dummies’ guide to walk you through it.

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The verdict:
Not exactly your second-grade science project, so a bit of mind-bending is pretty much required. The ideas here, though, are sheer genius.

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