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Pushing Daisies

<p>Rizal’s catchphrase ‘Noli me tangere’ will sure come in handy</p>
| Jul 30, 2008
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AXN Beyond
Who? Lee Pace (cutie pie),
Anna Friel (reddish)
What’s it about?
When pie-maker Ned (Pace) discovers that he has the gift to undead the dead with a single touch, he starts to get extra dough by helping the authorities solve crimes. Things take a different turn when Ned comes face to face with his dead childhood sweetheart Chuck (Friel), who has been murdered on a cruise ship. He defies the rules when he chooses to let her live, but with one very grave condition—he can never touch her again lest she goes kaput forever.

What’s good about it?
Even if the plot deals with death, the eye candy visuals and the fairytale-feel make up for all the disturbing corpses littered throughout.

What’s bad about it?
If you have a weak stomach for dead people, you might want to think twice about sitting through an episode of this.

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The verdict:
A forensic premise coupled with some romance and mystery in a stunning visual feast, all in one show. If this doesn’t get you glued, stay stuck to your home shopping channels. - Mica Siquijor


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