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SEASON OF SCARY: 8 Classic Scary TV Moments That Have Yet To Leave Us In Peace

The scariest moments in TV are going to keep you up all night!
by Camille Banzon | Oct 30, 2014
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Before you gear up in your costumes tonight at whatever halloween party you're invading, let's take a look back at classic TV moments that made us double-think if we can sleep at night. If you're a TV addict, we're sure that you have encountered some of these scenes. If not, well, allow us to give you a proper re-introduction to these frightening scenes from classic TV shows that have visited our nightmares from time to time. 

Zombies, murderous clowns, a family of grotesque savages, and dead, praying nuns in the bathroom--these are just some of the disturbing things we see on TV. Unlike movies that stretch out the scare factor in two hours or more, these scary television moments come in sudden bursts and flashes of terror that make them even more emotionally menacing.

Here we go, bros. This is FHM's Season Of Scary!

1) Crazy killer crawls from the couch to the screen

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From: Twin Peaks Season 2

David Lynch and Mark Frost’s TV cult classic, Twin Peaks, might have given some strange, scare-inducing moments 20 years ago. One character, killer BOB, appears in certain circumstances and is described as someone who “holds the evil of men.” His disheveled long hair, gangly limbs, meth-cooked eyes, crooked teeth and menacing smile are truly what nightmares are made of.

In one episode in the second season, he appeared as a vision to Laura Palmer’s cousin, Maddy Ferguson, walking from the living room until he reaches the screen, giving a scene that could make grown men cry for days.

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2. A man rips off skin while being glued to dead bodies

From: Hannibal Season 2

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The presentation of dead human beings into straight up, fucked up gory ways in Hannibal is cringe fuel. The show has presented buried bodies as human fertilizer, dead human angels with the skin on their backs scraped and hanged upwards, a girl impaled with deer horns and hung from a tree, and a human totem out of body parts.

One victim in the season 2 premiere almost escaped when he woke up glued to a bed of dead bodies as a part of a human mosaic. When he tried to pull himself off, huge portions of his skin get left behind just like the way dried glue peels off the fingers; only that it’s real skin and his flesh is exposed.

3) Woman discovers own corpse, shocked that she' s been dead all along.

From: American Horror Story - "Murder House"

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The teasers of all four seasons are enough to make anyone avoid being alone in front of a TV, but some scenes will straight up murder one’s sanity. In season 1, Tate and Violet discover a horrific man/baby monster in the basement that looks like it is going to live inside the dark corners of your brain. Violet’s discovery of her own corpse swarming with flies comes at the later episode of the season is also noteworthy as it gives a ‘The Others’ kind of vibe (she’s been dead all along!).

Video via symphoniaixx

4) Madame LaLaurie’s Torture room

From: American Horror Story - "Coven"

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