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SHAKUGAN NO SHANA 2 (The Fiery Eyes of Shana)

<p>The power of red</p>
| Jul 2, 2009
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Calling the attention of all the manya—err, Anime lovers everywhere! Shakugan no Shana is back at Animax. Picking up from where it left off, the series dives straight into the action where Yuji, a regular bloke who only happens to be the underworld’s most wanted target, pairs up with the extremely hot, flame-wielding Shana, continuing to battle ‘Denizens’ of all forms. But this time, a twist: Yuji’s equally hot classmate, Fumina Konoe, gets into the action. As though a love triangle-ish set up ain’t complicated enough, she gets on with a dubious background; nobody really knows whose side Fumina is on.

Despite its predictable plot of Japanese underworld, forbidden love between human and non-human, and a love triangle, Shakugan no Shana, stands high above other anime. How so? Viewers of all ages will easily get hooked with its simple story and its hot vixens. If you happen to pass by, as you surf the boobtube, you won’t just easily understand what the hell is going on; you might even get hooked right away. - Marc Celis

Shakugan no Shana 2 airs every weekdays at 7.30pm on Animax

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