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The Simpsons Is 25 Years Old Today: You Know You're A Simpsons Fan When...

Happy Birthday to our yellow friends from Springfield!
by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 18, 2014
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Today is a good day to be a fan of cartoon's most important family, The Simpsons, as the show celebrates its 25th anniversary. Its first episode aired on December 17, 1989 on Fox.

Since that fateful date, the series created by Matt Groening has gone on to become the longest-running American sitcom, the longest-running American animated program, and the longest-running scripted primetime program—a tremendous feat considering it debuted as a short animated feature on variety program, The Tracey Ullman Show, in 1987. After three seasons as a segment, Fox finally decided, "Hey, this show may be on to something."

They were right.

The Simpsons became Fox's first series to land in the top 30 in the US TV ratings in 1989. Across 26 seasons, 561 episodes, and one movie, The Simpsons remains a hit, with its sly, laugh-out-loud commentaries on the world as it sees it. This family is also a multi-awarded one, having been recognized by Time Magazine as 20th century's best TV series, and having bagged an entire garage's worth of Emmy's, Annie's, Peabody's, and what have you. 

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But in spite of all these accolades from the big critics, what's best about the series is that it has universal appeal to us, everyday Joes—so much so in fact that we can't help but recall Simpson-isms in our everyday activities. As tribute to the show's 25th birthday, below are 25 signs that, yes indeed, you're a huge Simpsons fan.

1)   You hit your big toe on the edge of the door, and you scream...

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2)   On your first date with a potential partner, you make it a point to ask about her sisters (and hope to the heavens that they're not ill-tempered, smoking twins)

3)   Upon seeing an
 FHM cover that you feel strongly about, you've blurted these words out:

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4)   At one point in your life, you imagined that a saxophone just might be the instrument to get you the ladies:

5)   For at least one sleepless night, you've wondered "
Bakit nga ba hindi tumanda 'yung baby sa Simpsons?"

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6)   When you were younger and racism wasn't yet that clear to you, you tried copying Apu's accent whenever you saw someone of Indian descent. Your choice of words though were limited to "Meester Seempson" or "Thank you, come again"

7)   At least once in your life, you've wished that you had this button:

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8)   Your mental image of "Pulis Patola" is roughly inspired by this guy:

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9)   Three words: "Stupid Sexy Flanders"

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10)   As a kid, you promised yourself that when you grew up you'd have your own reliable beer-serving buddy...

11)   ...and a friend who never says no to a good time

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12)   Sometimes, as you're carefully arranging your collection of comic books, you take a moment, and pray that you don't become this guy:

13)   Every time you see an
Itchy & Scratchy skit, you unconsciously tell yourself, "I think this is a parody of Tom & Jerry." At which point, the other voice in your head goes, "No shit, Sherlock"

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14)   There's always that one teacher in every grade level that will remind you of her:

15)   You learned of the sad realities of showbiz thanks to this smoking, binge-drinking jester:

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16)   You swore that you'll always be the Bart in the relationship:

17)   You swear to guide your sister's taste in boys better than Bart ever did:

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18)   You wish you were clever enough to make these sort of prank calls:

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19)   You wondered why your grade school bus driver couldn't be as cool as this stoner:

20)   Sideshow Bob occasionally pops up in your nightmares:

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21)   You've developed a soft spot for kids like Ralph Wiggum

22)   Whenever you need to explain your take on evolution, you somehow find yourself referring to this:

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