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Mysteries of Chance: A Book Showcasing The Skills of Pinoy Photojournalists

Photos with style and a whole lot of substance.
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 16, 2013
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They say a picture paints a thousand words. But a book filled with them? Well, here's your chance to see millions and millions of unwritten words!

Call it mababaw, but this was the first thought that entered our minds when we first heard of Mysteries of Chance, an anthology of photos from some of the country's finest photojournalists. And when we saw it for real, we weren't disappointed. The book has photos that just trample your Instagram snaps and cheesy selfies. These are legit in style and big in substance. Check out how it looks below.

mysteries of chance photo anthology philippines

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Launched by Voices of Vision Publishing, an independent company whose expertise is in photography and visual arts, Mysteries of Chance is a limited edition hardbound that displays 70 iconic images from the past 30 years. These images are also stories themselves. In it are different kinds of scenes, from the political and tragic to the interesting twists of everyday life. Ang deep, pare!

Aside from the photographs, Mysteries of Chance shows us one important thing: Pinoy photojournalists have mad skills! Capturing enduring images that transcend different fields, tell memories, and act as visions from significant events of years past, the book showcases the talent of the following renowned Pinoy photogs:

  • Alex Baluyut: An expert in photo documentaries, Alex has won several prestigious awards and his work has been featured in local and international photo exhibits.
  • Al Benavente: Al is involved in travel photography for the Department of Tourism and his photos have been in several local books.
  • Luis Liwanag: A freelance photo and video journalist, his work are related to different humanitarian and environmental issues. Luis also had stints in news and photo institutions both here in the Philippines and abroad. He's also FHM's go-to-photojourn-guy!
  • Jose Raymond Panaligan: Raymond works closely with non-government organizations and is currently busy making a documentary about the Mangyan tribe in Mindoro.
  • Rick Rocamora: A documentary photographer, Rick's photos have been featured in exhibits in the US as well as in online American publications like The New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle.
  • Sonny Yabao: Named Photojournalist of the Year in 1995, Sonny's photos became part of books such as Cory Magic (2009) and We Love you, John Paul II (2011).

mysteries of chance photo anthology philippines(from left) Photojournalists Alex Baluyut, Al Benavente, and Jose Raymond
Panaligan flank
Mysteries of Chance publisher, Rocel Ann Junio

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"We hope our efforts for Mysteries of Chance serve as an inspiration to Filipino photographers and visual artists to become better at their craft and produce great work...," says Rocel Ann Junio, the project's publisher. Don't worry ma'am, with the praiseworthy works of art in it, we think it will get the job done. And you know what? It has even influenced us to don our #feelingphotocritic caps and give our two cents' worth on a few choice photos from the book!

Check them out in the next page, together with our explanation on what they mean vis-a-vis the book's own interpretations!

NEXT: We play the role of photo interpreters!

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