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So Who Gets The Bat In The Season 7 Teaser Of 'The Walking Dead'?

This might just resuscitate the thought to be dead zombie franchise
by Andrei Medina | Oct 11, 2016
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Finally, the new season of The Walking Dead (TWD) will be airing on October 23 after six months of grueling agony over finding out who was at the receiving end of Negan's (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) blood-soaked baseball bat, Lucille.

To satisfy everyone's curiosity, Fox International Channels dropped the official sneak peek of Season 7 over the weekend.

The three-minute scene features a conversation between Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Negan after the latter bludgeoned to death one of Rick's people in the finale of the previous season.

Needless to say, the producers of TWD didn't reveal whose brains were splattered all over the dirt.

However, they did leave behind some major clues, like what seems to be Daryl's blanket and Maggie's wedding ring in the pile of disfigured flesh and brain matter.

As with past cliffhangers, a lot is left to mystery, just the way the fans like it.

Check it out for yourself:


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