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The babes of Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Doubles

We wouldn't mind getting stranded on an island with these ladies
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 24, 2011
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The reality show that started it all, starts anew. GMA 7’s Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Doubles whips up what’s looking to be a tasty new season. This season’s setting is San Vicente, Palawan, which marks the first time that the show is set on local shores.

The objective remains the same: Endure the grueling challenges, deal carefully with the pricks, and be a manipulative, little devil without blowing your cover. Do that, and you win stuff—firewood, immunity, and maybe even a civilized meal. Do it long enough, and you win  this season’s 3 million pesos. Trivia: This is the biggest prize money Survivor Philippines has ever given away. We’re guessing they had extra cash lying around after not sending the survivors to some island in Thailand or Palau.

Huge jackpot aside, the show doesn’t lack for castaways that we wouldn’t ever vote off of our fantasy islands. Check them out below, and start to ponder why GMA didn’t just label this season “Survivor Philippines: FHM Edition.” Seriously, look.

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