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Hannibal's putting the gore back on the boob tube
by Camille Banzon | May 9, 2013
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(First of all, if you're having dinner right now or absolutely can't stand any of the Saw movies, avert your eyes. But if you can stomach a little stimulation of the mutilated kind, then read on, brave soul. )

Imagine the images you’ll see within the most twisted of thriller books or novels: female bodies skewered on deer antlers, psychedelic shroom farms growing on  rotting, diabetic bodies, human lungs sliced like an expensive slab of meat on a chopping board, a smorgasbord of torture killing, and the kind of intelligence that kills.

But why imagine when we've got a picture right here:

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Put all that on TV and you’ll get NBC’s new hit show, Hannibal.

Producers Bryan Fuller (Heroes, Pushing Daisies) and David Slade’s rendition of the classic macabre tale of Hannibal Lectre is as demented, disturbing, and wickedly smart as what the Red Dragon movie franchise has shown us. The protagonist is a criminal profiler working as a professor at the FBI academy with a dreadful-yet-vital side job that only he can perform: to catch a cannibal that’s playing with his mind.

Once William Graham (Hugh Dancy) steps into a crime scene, his eerie ability of being able to step into the criminals’ minds during the moment they kill their victims ignites like fire. Seeing the events unfold in bloody flashbacks, he is also able to empathize with the killer and figure out their motives and see clues no one else can.

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Because of his unbelievable process to dig into the minds of criminals, Graham then becomes a special investigator, urged by the head of the Behavioral Science unit, Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne), to help out in a case involving missing teenage girls. Graham reveals that the killings are performed by a cannibal, eating the flesh of the victims as a form of “honoring them.” As he delves deeper into the twisted mind of this criminal, he is haunted by images of the killer, appearing in hallucinations and dreams, sporting the scariest dead stare one can imagine.

If these are not enough, there's also a Hannibal app for Android and iOS here.

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